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Nepal Government’s Initiative for Safe and Harmonious Workplaces

Prioritizing the well-being of the workers is a crucial concern for any organization as well as for the Government. Read more

Crafting an Appealing Vacancy Advertisement to Attract Top Talent

Attracting top talent is the first step in hiring great talent! Read more

Deductions and Prohibitions on Employee Remuneration

While compensation packages are designed to reward and incentivize employees Read more

5 Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Authentic leadership stems not from a position of power but from the actions taken. Read more

15 Ways to Build a Positive Work Culture

Every company's culture is uniquely shaped by its leaders and the collective efforts of its employees. Read more

99th HR Kurakani interacts on Performance Management: Rethinking Traditional Appraisal Systems for Continuous Feedback and Growth

HR Kurakani, organized by merojob, is a dynamic platform for HR Professionals to discuss specific topics within Human Resource Management, with a focused … Read more

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