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A job is more than just a means of earning money and ensuring job stability for career-driven people. Beyond monetary rewards, there are other elements that affect job satisfaction at work.

Recognizing this, some businesses make an effort to establish an environment that will enable employees to thrive.


What are Talents looking for?


Generation Z and the Millennial workforce are looking for more than simply jobs. Job portals in Nepal have made it simpler for job searchers to find jobs in Nepal


People prioritize job happiness when deciding where to work, and the top employers provide not only competitive pay but also a supportive workplace atmosphere. 


As per a survey conducted by merojob, employees prefer working in a company with positive work culture and environment. 


The key drivers of great company culture are:

Open Communication

Inclusivity and Diversity

Employee Engagement

Strong Team Dynamics

Clear Values and Mission

Positive Leadership

Opportunities for Growth and Development


WorldLink Communications


WorldLink Communications is one of the leading internet and communication service provider and a prominent IT company in Nepal. The company has been recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Nepal, with a strong commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being. 


The telecommunication company has played a significant role in developing Nepal's digital infrastructure by providing high-speed internet connectivity to businesses, schools, and households across the country. With WorldLink's reliable internet services, Nepal's economy has become more connected, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and promoting digital inclusion across the country.


The internet service provider has created several employment opportunities for Nepalese people, directly and indirectly, by expanding its services and investing in its workforce. The company has a strong reputation for providing a positive work environment and investing in employee training and development.


WorldLink has been at the forefront of introducing innovative services in Nepal, such as fiber internet. These solutions have helped businesses in Nepal to increase their productivity, reduce costs, and compete more effectively in the global market.


Overall, WorldLink Communications is a great place to work, offering its employees a supportive and inclusive work environment, competitive salary benefits, and opportunities for growth and development.


Company Overview


Company Size1,001-5,000 employees
LocationJawlakhel, Lalitpur
Managing DirectorDileep Agrawal




Revolutionizing the e-commerce business, Daraz has earned the name of the biggest multinational e-commerce company in Nepal. It has built a platform for buyers and sellers to sell their products across the country. 


Daraz started as a Pakistan-based online fashion retailer owned by Rocket Internet, a company from Germany. The company focused on creating e-commerce models all around the world. Daraz then expanded its operations globally to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. 


E-commerce and online shopping were new concepts for most people in Nepal. With time people became more trusting and adaptable to online shopping. Especially with the lockdown, Daraz has become the most effective and efficient means of serving people right when they wanted, what they want. 


Focused on young people looking for jobs in Nepal, Daraz has been employing 1,500+ people in various parts of the country. 


Despite the pandemic, which significantly impacted people's careers, it is one of the top employers. While a lot of companies only talk about having a diverse workforce and a positive work environment, Daraz has successfully implemented these values. 


With 50% of women in leadership positions and consistent efforts to engage employees in fun activities, the company has aimed for excellence, not just in business but also in terms of its workforce's well-being. 


“Even after my maternity leave, I can work remotely with a flexible schedule, giving time to my family. Daraz still has a weekly shift of home and office, making it easier to manage both. Though it was a challenge to manage a team with a young baby, I received support from my team, boss, and family, and things went smoothly.”

- Salina Nakarmi


Source: The Himalayan Times


Company Overview


Company Size1,001-5,000 employees
LocationGairidhara, Kathmandu
Managing DirectorAanchal Kunwar
IndustryTechnology, Information and Internet

Chaudhary Group (CG)


Prolific history of over 140 years, the Chaudhary Group is one of the leading multi-national companies. The foundation stone of this global phenomenon was laid in 1980, initially importing textiles from various parts of Asia. 


Chairman Binod Chaudhary has been instrumental in leading CG Corp Global to unprecedented heights of success. In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Forbes magazine has honored him as one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, with a net worth exceeding 1.5 billion US dollars.


One of the significant milestones in CG's success story was the introduction of Wai-Wai, Nepal's first ready-to-eat instant noodle product.  This not only changed the CG’s fortune but also changed the perspective of how Nepalese viewed Nepal-made products. Since then CG has ventured into major business areas. 


The company has now expanded and provides world-class services and products in various fields such as top-notch hotels and resorts, financial services, consumer electronics, cement, hydropower, FMCG, realty and EPC.


The leading enterprise comprises over 160 companies and 123 brands in the global market. It stands proud with 15,000+ employees worldwide, spanning businesses in more than 35 countries.


Chaudhary Group has emerged as a major contributor to the growth of the nation's economy. During the fiscal year 2077/78, the corporate accounted for 1.73% of the total tax collected by the country amidst the pandemic, amounting to NPR 14.28 Arba. Over the past four fiscal years, CG has also made a significant contribution of approximately NPR 45 Arba to the national tax revenue.


CG Nepal is committed to social responsibility and has a strong track record of contributing to the community and is one of the companies with a strong work culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and employee empowerment.


Working at CG presents ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, including exposure to social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and teamwork.


At CG, the core values of respect for individuals, keeping promises, and fostering strong relationships guide everything they do. CG believes in creating a workplace where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 


Company Overview


Company Size10,001+ employees
LocationSanepa, Lalitpur
Managing DirectorDr. Binod K. Chaudhary

Ncell Axiata Limited 


Initially incorporated as ‘Mero Mobile’ in 2004, later acquired by Telia Company and rebranded as ‘Ncell’ in 2010. In 2016, Ncell became part of Axiata Group Berhad, which was later converted into a public limited company and renamed Ncell Axiata Limited in August 2020. 


As a subsidiary of Axiata Group, and a long-term investor in Nepal, Ncell is constantly working towards its goals of connecting every Nepali through its network. Ncell Axiata Limited is now known as one of the largest private mobile service providers operating in Nepal. 


Ncell has dedicated upwards of Rs 1.4 billion towards social initiatives, and in 2020 made the amount of 9.70 billion worth of contribution to Covid-19 related work across the country.


Ncell is building best-in-class networks and communication services for people living throughout Nepal and operates the largest 4G network in the nation, fulfilling the national need for high-speed mobile broadband and generating new opportunities for the people of Nepal, leading the nation towards a brighter digital future. 


Not only in telecommunication, but Ncell is also contributing to the country's economy. Ncell was on the list of the top 10 companies paying the highest tax in Nepal. Ncell Axiata paid tax in the amount of 8 billion Nepalese Rupees in the fiscal year 2077/78.


The telecommunications company believes that placing the right people in the right positions helps with execution, enhances the customer experience, and yields ground-breaking results.  


Ncell is a performance-driven organization that believes that performance comes from belongingness. Employees at Ncell are provided with opportunities and challenges for continued education and training. 


The leading telecommunication company believes that applicants who want to join Ncell must have the highest ethical standards, strong leadership skills, excellent judgment, a sense of personal initiative and problem-solving abilities. 


Company Overview


Company Size501-1,000 employees
LocationLainchaur, Kathmandu
Managing DirectorAndy Chong


Cotiviti Nepal


Established in 2004, Cotiviti is a global provider of analytics-driven software company, headquartered in the United States. Cotiviti has a presence in Nepal and is recognized as one of the best companies to work for in the country as its contributions to the IT and overall development of Nepal have a significant impact on the company's operations in Nepal.


Cotiviti's presence in Nepal has provided employment opportunities for Nepalese professionals in the IT sector, contributing to the development of the country's human capital. The company's emphasis on employee well-being, training and development, and community involvement also contributes positively to the local community.


An enthusiastic team of about 300 professionals at Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to the design, development, testing, and upkeep of an impressive array of cutting-edge healthcare informatics solutions. 


At the core, the company focuses on the area of healthcare. Cotiviti strives to provide employee growth and development, a collaborative team and exposure to the latest and greatest technologies and tools. 


Moreover, Cotiviti's global expertise and experience can be leveraged by its Nepalese workforce to enhance the country's IT industry and foster innovation in the sector. 


Overall, the company's presence in the country provides opportunities for skilled professionals and contributes to the local community's growth.


Company Overview


Company Size201-500 employees
LocationHattisar, Kathmandu
Managing DirectorEmad Rizk




Logpoint is a global cybersecurity company that provides a next-generation security information and event management (SIEM) solution to help businesses manage their cybersecurity and compliance needs. 


Rooted in Europe and with offices worldwide, LogPoint has been helping organizations of all sizes to protect their digital assets since 2012. 


The organization places a high value on client satisfaction, teamwork, passion, and innovation. Together, these ideals drive Logpoint's success across cybersecurity technologies, including SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, and SAP security, which have all come together to build an integrated security operations platform designed to safeguard an organization's digital infrastructure.


With Logpoint, organizations can streamline their security operations and gain full visibility into their networks and applications


Life at Logpoint is only as good as its team members, but they are serious about sustaining a culture that’s rewarding and value-driven for anyone at Logpoint.


At Logpoint it is all about team spirit, with the belief that one is bigger than the team and individual brilliance does not automatically lead to outstanding results.


Native to Denmark, the company employs more than 300 Logpointers across the globe with offices in 10 nations, that work digitally together as one team.


Logpoint is a rapidly growing company that provides an exciting international work environment with an equal-opportunity workplace that values diversity where initiative and dedication are encouraged. 


Company Overview


Company Size 201-500 employees
LocationJawlakhel, Lalitpur
Managing DirectorJesper Zerlang
IndustrySoftware Development


Cedar Gate Nepal


Cedar Gates is a software development and IT services company that offers a wide range of solutions and services for clients including SaaS (Software as a Service), cloud-enabled to on-premise delivery, population health, and payment technology solutions.


Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, US with David B. Snow, Jr. as the chairman and CEO of the company. The other two US branches are in Plano and Houston, Texas. The Sanepa branch in Nepal specializes on providing business process support services for the main branch as well as software development, software testing, and data analytics.


Cedar Gates has been recognized as one of the best companies to work for, owing to its commitment to providing employees with opportunities to learn new skills, develop professionally, and advance in their careers. 


With a supportive and collaborative company culture, employees experience a positive work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.


In addition, the company values employee engagement and regularly conducts team-building activities and outings to promote a sense of community and belonging. 


Cedar Gates Technologies also demonstrates its investment in its employees by providing training opportunities by sending its Nepalese employees to US branches. These initiatives highlight the company's dedication to fostering growth and development for its employees.


Company Overview


Company Size501-1,000 employees
LocationSanepa, Lalitpur
Managing DirectorDavid Snow
IndustryIT Services and IT Consulting




Alaya is an outsourcing company that specializes in working for Australia and the global mortgage industry. The primary owner and client is Home Loan Experts, one of Australia’s leading mortgage brokers.


Alaya was formally rebranded from HLE Nepal in July 2023 and is the first Nepalese Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that operates ethically for the benefit of society. 


The BPO company has been providing young adults who are looking for work experience with a fulfilling job in Nepal with the opportunity for career advancement. 


While education is important, HLE places a stronger focus on hiring people with real-world skills and proven abilities. As such, all potential candidates need to pass through an extensive background check, skills test and trial before commencing their employment with the company.


Each employee is trained in the basics of running a business and how to work with their manager effectively. This includes the business basics such as process improvement, creating manuals and problem-solving skills.   


Company Overview


Company Size300-400 employees
LocationJawlakhel, Lalitpur
Managing DirectorShreya Shrestha
IndustryOutsourcing and Offshoring Consulting




Launched in January 2017, Khalti is a digital payment service provider in Nepal. Customers at Khalti can make various bill payments from a  range of services like basic utility payments, hotel bookings, movie and domestic flight tickets and events. 


In the same year, Khalti was recognized with the WITSA Global Innovation & Tech Excellence Awards 2022 in Malaysia, further solidifying its reputation as a leading player in the fintech industry. 


Khalti has some of the most creative minds in the country, which includes a team of highly skilled developers and marketers. 


Having started as a small team Khalti has now grown into a team of around 260 members providing a flexible working environment. All the benefits are provided as per the labor law.


Furthermore, Khalti organizes team-building activities, internal employee campaigns, employee offers through different merchants.


Company Overview


Company Size201-500 employees
LocationBakhundole Road, Patan, Lalitpur
Managing DirectorBinay Khadka
IndustryFinancial Services


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