June 2017 ( 9 posts found )

HR Budget- How to make it Effectively?

On June 28th 2017 Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd hosted 62nd HR Kurakani, at Real Solution's office, Minbhawan, New Baneshwor focused on the topic " HR Budget –H… Read more

Entrepreneurship on the Top List of Youth's Dream Job

A recent survey was conducted by merojob among the youth participation regarding their DREAM JOB Read more

Basic Tips for Productive Meetings: Before, During & After

Meetings, in essence are meant to boost productivity if planned efficiently. It is in the meetings where future of companies is predicted, business tactic… Read more

How to Answer “What's your Greatest Strengths?”

'What are your strengths' is a classic interview question. Read the full article to get tips to answer this question with confidence. Read more

Office Etiquette: 5 Things to Never Say at Work

Avoid the habit of using career killing phrases that can hurt your professional reputation. The words and phrases you use can potentially make or break yo… Read more

Job Interviews: The Story of Success & Failures

61st HR Kurakani organized at Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd. focused on sharing of job interview stories on the part of recruiting professionals. HR professiona… Read more

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