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Nepal Government’s Initiative for Safe and Harmonious Workp…

Prioritizing the well-being of the workers is a crucial concern for any organization as well as for the Government. Read more

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Crafting an Appealing Vacancy Advertisement to Attract Top …

Attracting top talent is the first step in hiring great talent! Read more

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Deductions and Prohibitions on Employee Remuneration

While compensation packages are designed to reward and incentivize employees Read more

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Authentic leadership stems not from a position of power but from the actions taken. Read more

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15 Ways to Build a Positive Work Culture

Every company's culture is uniquely shaped by its leaders and the collective efforts of its employees. Read more

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99th HR Kurakani interacts on Performance Management: Rethi…

HR Kurakani, organized by merojob, is a dynamic platform for HR Professionals to discuss specific topics within Human Resource Management, with a focused … Read more

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