August 2016 ( 4 posts found )

Essence of HR Department in An Organization

HR department is considered to be the heart of an organization today. The importance of the HR department is realized due to the fact that employee is the… Read more

पाचौँ राष्ट्रिय एचआर कन्फरेन्स भाद्रमा हुने

human resource society nepal is organizing its 5th national hr conference on August 28, 2016. The event will focus on the topic "Employee care for Greater… Read more

How to Filter Job Applications in a Smarter Way

Application shortlisting involves huge deal of time & effort. It’s great to have so much interest in the position, but it can also be an incredibly ti… Read more

Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

In today’s competitive age, we, as an employee have to deal with various types of situations in our workplace. Work overload, overtime, productivity press… Read more

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