December 2016 ( 7 posts found )

A Guide to Writing Clear & Professional Emails

So, what does it take to write clear, concise, and professional emails? By writing clearly, you'll become known as someone who knows what he or she wants … Read more

Success Mantra for Hiring & Managing Interns

Also, if hired correctly, interns can contribute to the organization to a large extent. How can we hire the right candidate for internship programs? The f… Read more

Resume Checklist for a Winning Resume ​

Resume is the first thing that connects a job seeker to the employer. So, writing a good resume is definitely the most important step in your job search p… Read more

41.18% of Job Seekers Submit Resume While Applying for Jobs

merojob conducted a live poll on Facebook to identify which document, Bio-data, CV or Resume, while applying for jobs. The survey was conducted among 3,50… Read more

Common Mistakes in Online Job Application

It is seen that candidates perform few common mistakes in their online job application process which is hampering their job search process. Read more to l… Read more

Reasons why Best Employees Leave their Jobs

Employees leave companies due to various reasons, of which some are known are some are very difficult to figure out. So, what can be the possible factors … Read more

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