August 2015 ( 12 posts found )

Job Seeker's Attraction Towards Multinational Companies

A study on the survey conducted on “Why people in Nepal are more attracted towards companies like Ncell, Surya Nepal, Chaudhary Group, Banks, etc.,?” reve… Read more

5 Tips on Training New Employees for the Job

Training your new employees for the job can give you the chance to study their overall skills from a closer view. Not only you will be able to get good re… Read more

5 Benefits of Outsourced Payroll

Payroll outsourcing is a business practice that involves agreeing with a business service to handle all functions related to a company’s payroll. Well, an… Read more

5 Importance of Employment Screening

Employment screening is very much important for both new and old businesses. This process of screening the potential candidates before extending an employ… Read more

Top 5 Recruitment Tips for HR Managers

Accurate planning and processing must be done to complete the recruitment. Here are five recruitment tips that can be helpful to HR managers in picking th… Read more

7 Tips on Conducting Effective Phone Interview

Phone interview is an excellent interview activity to include when you are recruiting. Conducting a phone interview remains a key step in the hiring proce… Read more

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