August 2018 ( 8 posts found )

HR Talks in Managing Off Boardings

Hosted by Real Solutions P. Ltd on last Wednesday of English calendar every month, 71st edition of HR Kurakani was held on 29th August 2018 at Logpoint, J… Read more

Hiring tips for Employers to Make Better Recruitments

Hiring is such a crucial and important task that you cannot afford to get wrong. Here are a few hiring tips for employers to make better recruitments Read more

Ways to Develop and Maintain a Positive Attitude at Work

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere.” No matter how negatively you view your current work situation, he… Read more

Simple Exercises to Re-energize Yourself at Work.

: Unlike machines, we aren’t designed to work all day long, Instead of pushing yourself beyond what your mind and body can handle, you could try thes… Read more

Tips on How to Make Friends at The Workplace

Workplace friends are vital not just for personal happiness at a job, but also important to career success. Many people have been known to quit their job… Read more

Importance of Workplace Friendships in Career Success

Since we spend the largest portions of our daily lives working, we are bound to make some friends at the workplace. We all understand how important these … Read more

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