August 2023 ( 6 posts found )

How to take feedback like a PRO

In the dynamic world of personal and professional development, a noteworthy skill is the art of gracefully accepting feedback. Read more

Nepal Government Increases Minimum Wages for Workers

Ensuring fair compensation for employees is an important aspect of maintaining a fair and equitable work environment. Read more

Nagarik Stock Dealer is hiring

At Nagarik Stock Dealer, employees are an integral part of their success story. Read more

Nepal Government’s Initiative for Safe and Harmonious Workplaces

Prioritizing the well-being of the workers is a crucial concern for any organization as well as for the Government. Read more

Write a Job Application Email That Will Get You Hired

There are various job application methods, be it through a job portal or via email. Read more

Cotiviti Nepal is Hiring IT Experts

Established in 2004, Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is an offshore development center for COTIVITI INC., with a distinctive identity in the Nepal software indus… Read more

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