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5 Essential Skills HR Professionals Should Have

Know what are the most essential skills needed as HR Professionals. Here are 5 essential skills you have to know and adopt to be a better HR professional… Read more

6 Office Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

Office etiquette is one of the factors that maintains peaceful and respectful environment in the workplace. If there is a good office manner in every staf… Read more

6 Ways LinkedIn Endorsements Help in Job Search

Many people have figured out how to set up a profile and build connections in LinkedIn. But with increasing trend of hiring competent employees, managers … Read more

मजदुरको मासिक न्यूनतम पारिश्रमिकमा वृद्धि

औद्योगिक प्रतिष्ठानमा कार्यरत मजदुरको मासिक न्यूनतम पारिश्रामिक १ हजार ७०० रुपैयाले वृद्धि भएको समाचार कारोबार दैनिकमा प्रकाशन भएको छ। त्यसैगरि चिया बगानमा कार्यरत … Read more

8 Influential Body Language Tips for Interviews

Your body language plays a major role in reflecting your attitude and confidence to the interviewer. Learn about some of the most important body language … Read more

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