Crafting an Appealing Vacancy Advertisement to Attract Top Talent

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Attracting top talent is the first step in hiring great talent!

In today's competitive job market, it's more important than ever to have a well-crafted vacancy advertisement that will attract top talent. A great job post will not only help you attract qualified candidates but will also help you screen out unqualified ones.

What is a Vacancy Advertisement?

A vacancy advertisement is an official announcement of a job opening or vacancy by a company on the job portal like merojob, newspaper or other media sources to attract top candidates. It includes details about the position, company details, job role and responsibilities. The main objective of job openings is to inform job seekers about the vacant job position in the company. 

The vacancy advertisement structure involves the following details

  • Job Title
  • Company Information
  • Job Location and Work Hours
  • Qualifications and Skills
  • Job Responsibilities and Duties
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Applying Instructions

Here are some tips for crafting irresistible job postings:

Job Title:

Ensure that job titles are concise and specific. Use key phrases to define the role as they help attract the right candidate. 

Avoid using internal jargon that job seekers may not understand. Instead, use commonly understood experience levels like "Senior" instead of terms like "VI" or other specialized terminology.

Keep the job title brief. Less complicated and short job titles tend to get more views. 

Company Information:

Begin with a summary that captivates the reader's attention. The summary should provide insights about your company and express your expectations for the role.

Highlight your company's unique selling points, emphasizing what sets you apart as an employer. Include information about your company's environment and show why the company would be the best place to work.

Job Location and Work Hours:

Ensure to provide the specific location of the job to enhance visibility in job search results.

Include details about the work hours and day off. Research conducted by merojob indicates that 38% of job seekers consider work hours and schedules important, while 31% find work environment details essential. Offering these insights helps candidates evaluate the role and determine if it aligns with their preferences.

Qualifications and Skills: 

Specify required education, experience, certifications, and required skills. This should include both hard skills, such as technical expertise and soft skills like problem-solving and communication abilities.

Keep your list to the points. Even though you might want to list every skill to find the perfect talent, too many details can be overwhelming for job seekers. 

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

Illustrate the position's responsibilities by creating a concise and comprehensive list. Emphasize specific duties related to event management and social media promotion of events, allowing candidates to evaluate their qualifications effectively.

Describe daily job duties to provide candidates with a clear understanding of the workplace and daily routines. Providing this level of detail will assist candidates in determining if the role and company align with their profile, attracting the most suitable candidates.

Explain the role's position within the company, including reporting structure and how it contributes to the organization. This will help candidates grasp the broader context and understand how the role impacts the business.

Certain information should not be included in the description. It includes details used to discriminate against applicants, such as gender and religion.

Salary and Benefits:

Include salary information or at least a range. To attract exceptional candidates, a competitive salary range for this position is a must. Job seekers often prioritize their wage requirements when searching for employment opportunities.

Highlighting employee benefits that the company can offer to the employees. These include perks and benefits like:

  • Flexible work hours
  • 5 days work week 
  • Free lunch 
  • Growth opportunities 
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel allowance
  • Communication facilities
  • International working environment
  • Festive bonus

Applying Instructions: 

Write a call to action to encourage candidates to apply for the position. Include the email address of the recruiter or include the link to the company's website, to which talents can send their application to . 

If you want to hire great talent, you need to make sure your company is a desirable place to work. A vacancy advertisement that highlights the positive company culture and benefits is like a magnet for attracting talent. 

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