April 2017 ( 9 posts found )

Workplace Harassment, Its Types and Control Measures

Workplace harassment, physical or psychological, should be taken care of in an organization. Else, the effect of these harassments will ultimately be seen… Read more

UN Traineeship Cohort VI Starting Soon

Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in coordination with United Nations Nepal is all set to start its sixth UN Traineeship Programme. This 11 months training program… Read more

Employer Brand, Reputation and Job Security: Top Most Factors Influencing Employee Retention

The role of HR being one of the most influencing factors in how long an employee stays in the organization,   the main focus of the program was to determi… Read more

Top 5 HR Mistakes Companies Make

HR department means the department with almost all the responsibilities to look after. However, carelessness to such responsibilities might lead to a lot … Read more

How to Answer “Five Words That Describe Your Personality”

Five words to describe your personality might sound easy but in reality, it’s hard to come with an effective answer. So here, we provide you some tips on … Read more

What to Do When You Are Unemployed

Unemployment is something that everyone has to face at certain point of life. So, what should one do when he/she is unemployed? Learn some tips on dealin… Read more

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