December 2021 ( 7 posts found )

Workplace risks to look out for

Almost every industry has some office work, and many jobs involve computer use. Read more

Why don't candidates appear in an interview?

You have your interview question ready, your recruiting team gets together. The only problem is that the candidate doesn’t show up. Read more

Email Templates for Shortlisted Candidates

After identifying the top qualified candidate among the pool of applicants, the next step in the recruitment process is to invite them to continue to the … Read more

Induction ceremony facilitated by Real Solutions for 47 trainees

Real Solutions on behalf of the United Nations in Nepal, on 20th December 2021, had invited graduates belonging to socially excluded groups, gender and se… Read more

How to get a job other than a Bank in Nepal

Many talents are interested in having a career in banking. Read more

What is the best time to schedule an interview?

Conducting an interview requires time, energy, and attentiveness. Read more

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