BSc Nursing Program aims to Prepare Academically sound Graduates

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According to Nepal Nursing Council, the total number of registered nurses until 09 July, 2017 is 72,678 whereas the total number of current renewed status is 17,929 and 27 nursing colleges are running different programs in Nepal.

With the increasing numbers of BSc nurses year by year, people are getting attracted towards this technical field. But, do we know how safe is the nurse career over employment? BSc nursing students are fronting hindrance that BSc graduates are normally pushed aside when it comes to employment opportunities. According to them, government is always lacking behind to facilitate them in job prospects. That is why, BSc Nursing graduates prefer teaching or going abroad after having difficulty in working in many different hospitals. BSc graduates may also have been discriminated against them as they also pose as threats to many senior nurses who have only completed their PCL level.

Many students who take BSc Nursing courses come to know about the preference of different degrees only after they have presented into it. Even though the curriculum is said to be more advanced by academic institutions and they are expected to have a rational reason in addition to clinical knowledge, their chances of employment look thinner in comparison to BN graduates. Therefore, it is a high time that concerned authorities evaluate both the courses, and design them so that they evenly fit with the requirements of the employing institutions as well as in accordance with the international standards.

With equal measures of pros and cons on both courses, BSc Nursing and BN, both are good in their own respective areas. Though, the government has categorized graduates of both courses at the same level, BSc graduates still express their dissatisfaction of being looked down upon for having fewer years of experience.

BSc Nursing in Nepal, a 4-year Nursing program with the aim of preparing academically sound graduate nurses having ability to function as a care provider, manager, teacher and researcher in nursing areas, has become challenging.

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