6 Tips That Can Prepare You For Job Interview

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Getting a job interview is an achievement in itself because most people hardly land on it. Now it’s time for you to roll over the top. It’s the time for you to present yourself at the best level because you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Many people get panic while it’s their first job interview. Job is just a few feet away if you follow these few steps.

Research about the company

Every interviewer has tons of expectation with the interviewees. It’s impossible to meet all of them, but knowing about the company and bringing it during the interview surely impresses them. Get as much knowledge as you can about the company. About their ambitions, their works, position in the market, accomplishments and so on. Research about each article you can find about the company and check about the company’s website as much as you can. This will help you to present something in the interview.

Predict Questions

It is true that you will never be able to know what questions will be asked in the interview. Assume the questions that can be asked. Those questions can be related to the company, about you, your job to be performed, your future you see in the company, things you can give to the company, your past job and the reason you left it and so on. Guess questions from different prospective. The questions that are most often asked are “Where do you see yourself in a certain time period?” , “What future do you see in the company?” and so on.

Practice your answers

As you find some obvious questions you will encounter in the interview, practice on it. Practice it with your friends. Maintain good eye contact which is very much important while in an interview.  Take feedback and work on them as well.  Practicing with friends or anyone will build confidence. Moreover, you will learn the basic techniques on how to speak and answer the questions asked in the interview.

Dress Professionally

When you enter the interview room, the first thing the interviewer notices about you is your dressing sense.  Dress to impress the interviewer, be clean, pressed and match the attire of the employer. Don’t try to be too classy, just dress simple and stay in your comfort zone. Chewing gum while in the interview is regarded as a great disrespect towards the interviewer so avoid it. Switch off your cell phone and if you have tattoos, cover it.

Present Yourself - Not the one you want to be

Be honest. People try to amplify their skills and qualifications in the interview, that’s the biggest mistake they make. Present yourself the way you are. Don’t lie about your skills, it’s simply not worth because a company may do a background check. In interview telling about yourself is very difficult, but even if you can tell much about you, keep things simple and short. Present yourself in such a way that it will develop a sense of worthiness. Not only presenting yourself, your queries about the company also plays different roles so be prepared for it.

Don’t miss the chance to keep in touch

Everything isn’t over after the interview is done. There are other ways to impress and get into the company. For instance, soon after you finish the interview, shake hands and say “thank you” for the call.  Smile and leave the room, even if you ruin the interview. Soon after you reach home try sending a letter thanking to the interviewer or in the personal mailing site of the company. And don’t forget to follow-up.

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