6 Mistakes Leading You to Getting Fired

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There are several things that can get a good, hard-working people fired because honest mistakes often carry hard-hitting consequences. But we might always think that the reason to get fired is always bad and unpredictable. The reasons might be various according to person to person and organization to organization.

Honest mistakes can have its own share of hard hitting consequence. The main reason that is considered today for the reason to get fired could be social media abuse. For example, posting honest opinions about the organization that you work in might land you lose your job. This is just one reason to get fired, other more reasons are:

People who continuously communicate negativity through their department, criticize about others, and whine that the work’s too hard and isn’t part of their job description complicate things for everyone else. The employee is appointed to make the team’s work easier not harder. Those who make their leader’s or boss’s life harder are the ones to go the earliest.

Over-promising and under-delivering
Over promising and under delivering can create a big problem at work place. If you cannot deliver what you say then this can create a bad impression at work places. Even when you are qualified, telling your boss you're making great progress when you aren't or committing to a deadline you know you can't meet makes you look bad. Slowly, this can lead to getting fired from office.

A lack of emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is a skill that you can improve through several practice. If you express a low emotional intelligence, slowly low emotional intelligence becomes your habits, Emotional outbursts, belittling others, shutting co-workers down when they speak are other ways a lack of emotional intelligence will leave you looking for work.

When you send an invitation to all of your co-workers to your marriage anniversary party or when you use your professional email to invite them on your personal school friends charity show, you could be violating company policy. Using your professional things such as email, card, or anything professional is an abuse of company policy which managers most look at, and at the end this could be the reason to get fired.

Misusing company supplies or resources
People do not think that taking a pack of printer paper from office is stealing. However, in the eyes of your employer, this is stealing. Abusing company resources is a serious offense, even if the monetary value of the item does not add up to much. Catching you in the act can also be a good reason, if your boss is looking to fire you.

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