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Boost your job search with the enhanced MeroJob app

The key to a successful job search is embracing cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes. Read more

Global Compact Nepal and Mero Job Limited Unite for Sustainable Change

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, the concept of sustainability has become more than just a term for business use, it is a global necessity. Read more

Nepal Government Increases Minimum Wages for Workers

Ensuring fair compensation for employees is an important aspect of maintaining a fair and equitable work environment. Read more

ACAN Job Placement 2023 | Career Opportunities for Chartered Accountants

The ACAN Job Placement 2023 is a highly anticipated event that aims to bring together Chartered Accountants and prospective employers Read more

Exploring Career Paths After Graduation: Opportunities for BIT/B.Sc.IT Graduates in Nepal

The digital revolution has opened up several work opportunities for graduates in the field of Information Technology (IT). Read more

Top 6 highest paying jobs in Nepal

Choosing a profession is never easy, let alone when the search is for a career that pays well. Read more

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