Technology Grabs the Top 4 Most Valuable Global Brand Positions in 2015

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A survey recently conducted by Brandz on “TOP 100 MOST VALUABLE GLOBAL BRANDS 2015” revealed the 100 most valuable global brands in 2015 in terms of their brand value and brand contribution. The list included 20 brand categories and their ranks as per 2014 & 2015.

Brandz ranks the value, or dollar amount, of a company through a combination of market data and customer surveys. Overall, technology firms were listed well among the 100 brands listed in the report. According to the report, Apple Inc. ranks in the first position followed by Google, Microsoft, IBM and Visa.

Since the last decade, technology has been capturing the market at a growing pace. The given report also shows that technology has more scope for growth and advancement. Companies like Facebook, HP, Intel and PayPal has demonstrated remarkable growth in 2015 as compared to 2014.

This will also have a significant impact on the job opportunity it will create in the job market across the world. The growth of these companies will lead growth and expansion and ultimately increase the demand for human resource in this industry.

A study conducted by merojob on “Emerging IT Sector seeks more Candidates in Nepali Job Market” showed that in case of Nepal, there is seen a wide gap in the demand and supply of IT professional. So, this could be an opportunity for the Nepalese job seekers to develop their career in the technology industry and take advantage of its growth.

Similarly, technology is followed by retail and management sector. Regional banks and retail companies are seen to be moving up the list of top global brands. Also, few of them are the new entrant in the list. Alibaba Group, a leading retail company has succeeded in obtaining the 13th position in the list as a new entrant. This also expands the scope of retail and online business in the world economy.

Will this have a positive effect in the Nepalese job market? Should the job seekers develop their career in these industries in response to the growing value of these companies? Looking at the trend in the technology, retail & banking, it would definitely be a smart move to establish your career in the given sectors. There is a need to capture this development and take its advantage.

Get the list of TOP 100 MOST VALUABLE GLOBAL BRANDS 2015 here.

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