Question to ask your supervisor whenever you’re assigned a new project

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If you are dedicated to achieving excellent results at work and take every opportunity to show your managers and co-workers that you are committed to your job, then when given a new project you are eager and want to start work as soon as possible. However, before taking any initiatives for the project there are a few things one needs to consider in order to get things aligned and going. 

A new project needs a strong start, so you need to have a good understanding of the core and fundamental aspects of the project. As a top performer, you would want to start your project, leaving no room for doubts and confusion so as to keep the work smooth and increase the likelihood of increase the likelihood of successful completion.

Before starting the project, leave no stone unturned and ask essential questions that can help get better results. We suggest asking these questions to help you become productive at your work and gain better outcomes in your new project. 

What are the goals and objectives of the project assigned?

It is important to know the goals and objectives of the new project. Having this piece of information is the key to success as it informs you of the critical reason for carrying out the assignment. It helps to plan out the steps, and take actions as necessary to execute the ideas. Make sure that the project supervisor clearly communicates goals and objectives in a realistic and achievable way. 

What are the timelines and deadlines?

Another important detail of the project is the key target dates this includes the date of submission, project milestones and deliverables, mainly the ones you are responsible for. Once you know the timelines you can organize your task accordingly to attain the desired objectives within the deadline. 

What are the main obstacles to getting the project done?

Being aware of the possible constraints may help you become better equipped with the right tools to tackle whatever blockage you are up against. If some serious hurdle interferes with the project, then you would want to be prepared to get through those obstacles and resolve the threat. 

What is my role in this project and how long should this take me? 

When starting a new project, it is best to get clarity on the specific roles you will undertake. Having knowledge of the time to deliverables opens up many doors for you to manage the time and work accordingly. You can set aside some time for the project depending on how long it might take you. Above all, it helps to determine what is expected of you and how you are going to implement the work. 

What are the assets that can be used for this project?

Assets can be both tangible and intangible resources that can be used to boost the project. Making use of the assets speeds up the work and helps to reach the desirable outcomes. Assets might include software, funds, or skilled teammates. Knowing these assets can prepare you to use them when required.

What are the most critical decisions that need to be made for this project?

Making important decisions is one of the most valuable elements of any project as the choices that are made for the project can drastically affect the result of the entire operation. Strong decision-making skills help weigh the available options and implement the best one. Therefore, you might want to know what decision needs to be made at the various stages of the project and if top management needs to be involved to finalize the decision. 

What area should be focused on the most for this particular project?

This helps you determine what aspects of the project to prioritize first among the pool of work. You can focus your work around the ultimate goal of the project. If the foremost purpose of the project is to generate revenue, then you can give preference to work that increases your chances of accomplishing that objective. 

Who is the main point of contact?

The primary contact is the person to whom members go to get answers to questions and get help for urgent work. This representative is highly knowledgeable about the process of the project and may have previously worked on such a project. Knowing who the main point of contact is can assist and save you time during difficulties. 

These are a few questions that when asked at the beginning of the new project can assist you to stay on track and ultimately become successful. Sure there would be other additional questions related to the project, but getting answers to the above basic question will ensure that you become indispensable at the work you are doing.

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