Job Seeker's Attraction Towards Multinational Companies

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With everyone searching for job opportunities in companies like Ncell, Surya Nepal, Chaudhary Group, Banks, etc., raised a question on the increasing interest of people in these sectors. Every job seeker has the same story today. Job seekers are all looking for jobs in larger corporate houses, banks or multinational companies. Moreover, the ones who are employed are also in search of job opportunities in these sectors. So, why are people seeking for jobs in these companies? What differentiates them from the other companies in the industry?

A study on the survey conducted on “Why people in Nepal are more attracted towards companies like Ncell, Surya Nepal, Chaudhary Group, Banks, etc.,?” revealed various reasons behind it. Among the participants in the given survey, 99% of them said that, better salary and effective management were the major reasons behind them opting to work for such companies. Attractive salaries along with huge amount of bonus was seen to be one of the major reasons for job seeker’s temptation towards these companies. While traditional compensation was based on just salary and Dashain allowances, companies today are focusing on providing bonus & incentives as per the performance of the employees and company as a whole. So, an opportunity to earn more by increasing their productivity is what job seekers today look for. “These companies focus better financial benefits, sound working environment & effective management,” says Akash Ghimire.

Another category of job seekers look forward to working in companies with goodwill & the ones that provides you a sense of reputation & status in the society. These are the people who value personal & social development rather than economic development. According to Alana Manandhar, people want to be part of it because they see more scope for promotional opportunities in such big organizations. Their name itself provides a kind of reputation in the society. “These companies provide job stability and growth opportunities along with better pay,” says Pratistha Singh. She also added that job seekers & employees look for factors such as employment policy, PR development, social status and basically, stability in their career. Job opportunities that provides not only good pay & incentives but also an environment that fosters personal development, career development, networking within & outside the organization, etc. is another demand of the jobseekers today.

“Effective management and prospects of bright future is what attracts jobseekers towards the above mentioned sectors,” says Mr. Prakash Bhandari, one of the respondents to the survey. “Also, being linked to multinational companies, employees have chances of exposure in different fields or even foreign countries.” His statement reflects that job seekers and employees are seeking to work for the companies with effective management and preferable work environment. Similarly, for Bimal Shrestha, good Human Resource Management is a key factor that draws job seekers towards these companies. Along with better management, there has also been growth in the demand for better Human Resource Management in the organizations. People love to work for the companies who value their employees. Timely recognition & appreciation acts as a motivational factor for the employees. Along with better pay and other facilities, job seekers today look forward to working with the organizations that value their employees and work for their welfare.

The study highlighted that the needs and priorities of the Nepali citizens, as an employee, has changed over time. Where better salary used to be the motivating factor for any job position, today people are looking for something more than that. Factors like job stability, career development prospects, strong management, better working environment has come into play. Gone are the days when companies could retain employees just with a better pay. Employers today should focus on factors such as bonus & incentives based on performance, challenging goals, appreciation & recognition, effective human resource management, etc. in an effort to create a well satisfied and productive workforce.

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