Emerging IT Sector seeks more Candidates in Nepali Job Market

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Ever since the technology has emerged in Nepal at a high speed, IT sector has become a strong and a big part of people's lives today. There are many IT companies who are bringing new ideas and implementing them in their newly developed projects. Eventually, such projects are bringing success and progress in the job market of Nepal. With an aim to promote the IT sector in the job market, merojob has been providing its services and assisting the IT companies to reach the demands of hiring efficient IT workers.

The service of branding a design for the vacancy post of an IT company to helping the job seekers get their dream jobs, merojob services are acting as an important tool in the lives of both, the companies and the job seekers. In context of Nepal, people used to be more interested in making their career in science and management, but because of the technological advancement, IT sector has started to flourish. 

"From e-commerce i.e. ticket booking to reading news, people prefer internet and technical gadget to do everything," says Abhisek Shrestha, Client Executive at merojob. "Nowadays, we can see people showing their interest in IT sector and marking their career towards it." The statistics at merojob shows that 13 per cent of the job vacancies published in the website is related to IT sector whereas only seven per cent, among the registered job seekers, are interested to work in IT companies.

Here, the data also shows the gap present between the vacancies and the job seekers. Basically, the IT sector has been emerging at a good pace and there are been increasing numbers of IT companies. According to the increment, there seems to be less number of productions of job seekers in that exact ratio. "There is a high demand made by the IT companies for mid and senior level employees, but accordance with the demand, there is a scarcity of such experienced people," says Mr. Shrestha. “The IT companies search for candidates who have sufficient amount of experience in the field of IT rather than hiring the people holding just the degrees.”

The job scenario in IT sector has always been positive and will always be in high demand according to Ms. Sangita Awale, HR Officer at Ebpearls, an IT Solutions Company in Nepal. However, Ms. Awale has experienced even a month long wait to hire employees for senior level positions. “Junior level positions gets fulfilled easily,” says Ms. Awale. “Most of the experienced IT professionals either go abroad or start their own business.”

There is also an increasing tendency in foreign employment. People rather apply for working visa in foreign countries than applying in such companies in Nepal. Apparently, there are many IT colleges and every year, thousands of students graduate from these colleges. Probably, because these IT colleges are less focused on the need for practical knowledge for the emerging IT sector, very less number of graduates are hired. However, IT companies are positive about the growing number of candidates in the field.

“merojob is working towards creating a pool of efficient candidates for the IT companies,” says Kriti Upreti, Client Relation Executive at merojob. In addition, interested job seekers are also getting the job of their interest. “Among the seven per cent registered IT job seekers at merojob, only about half is being hired in this sector,” adds Ms. Upreti. “The other interested candidates are still in the process of being hired by these IT companies.” Only education and qualification might not be enough to get hired in such technical fields. “Such people should be provided with the opportunities to develop their skills in IT sector through relevant trainings,” says Ms. Upreti. “Not only will they develop skills through such trainings, also the chances of being hired in IT companies will increase.”

In the current job market, the emergence of IT sector seeks more job seekers. However, there is still scarcity of experienced people accordance with the demand. From the analysis of merojob statistics, the demand is higher than the production of such candidates. Organizing training programs and workshop in different colleges might provide the people with the chance to develop their skills in this sector. In addition, the demand made and the supply both can be maintained in the same ratio. The concerned IT colleges and institutions should be aware of the fact that practical education in this sector has to be more focused in coming days.

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