How to gain clarity when you're stuck in your career

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Work doesn't excite you, and if you do not lighten up inside while discussing your work you probably feel stuck with what you've been assigned.

It's common to feel stuck in your career at some point. Maybe you're in a job you don't love or not sure what your next move should be. If you're feeling lost and uncertain about your career, you can do a few things to gain clarity.

Remember, you have the power to take control of your career and make changes that will lead to greater fulfillment. By following these steps, you can gain clarity and break free from feeling stuck in your career.

Declutter your mind

Firstly, figure out why you might be feeling stuck. To gain clarity on what is not working, get to the root cause of what is causing you to feel such lingering emotions. 

Take some time to reflect on your career journey so far. What has been your favorite part of your job? What skills have you enjoyed using? What challenges have you faced and overcome? Then assess your current situation. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you like and dislike about your current job? What are your long-term goals? 

Getting clarity on these questions helps understand what makes you happy at work, what doesn’t, and where you might want to go. This reflection can help you narrow down what you're looking for in your next career move and you can start exploring your options.

Make a choice

Once you have a better understanding of your situation, decide what you will do about it. 

Suppose after self-analyzing you realize that you have been feeling stuck because you no longer feel that you are learning at your work. You can then determine the best type of job in Nepal that will contribute to your career growth and make a choice whether to quit your job and plan your next career move or stay at your current job and take to your manager about your situation so that he/she would be able to help promote your professional development

No matter the issue causing you to feel stuck, once you get clear on it, you have to decide on the strategy, solution, or action you’re going to take to move forward. 

Start exploring your options

Talk to people in your network like friends, family, and mentors about their careers. Research different jobs and industries. And if you're still feeling stuck, consider talking to a career coach or taking a personality assessment. These tools can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and they can give you some ideas about what kinds of jobs in Nepal might be good.

Always remember that you are in control of your career and if you are feeling unhappy with where your career is heading, it is your responsibility to change the course of your career. By incorporating these three things you can gain clarity and break free from feeling stuck in your career. 

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