Exploring Career Paths After Graduation: Opportunities for BSW Graduates in Nepal

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The joy of finishing your undergraduate studies is undoubtedly a significant milestone worth celebrating. All the sleepless nights spent studying for the exams are over. 

Now what?

While the idea of venturing into a foreign land and exploring new places for your career may seem enticing, it is important that you thoroughly consider your options.

As you decide what to do and which career path to choose after graduation, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed and confused by the vast pool of options available.

However, before you make a decision, read this:

Nepal: the land of career opportunities

Before deciding to go abroad, consider exploring what your own country has to offer.  

Nepal’s economy has seen rapid growth and development. Similarly,  various industries are experiencing advancement.

Information Technology, tourism and hospitality and education sectors are witnessing significant growth. 

Exploring these paths can offer lucrative careers with high-paying jobs in Nepal

It is important to understand that Bachelor’s degree in itself is enough to secure a good job that pays well in most professions.

However, individuals with a Master’s degree might be given more preference as they are considered to have much more knowledge.

This will provide a solid foundation for your career right here in Nepal.

Top career options after BSW

After completing a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), there are numerous career options graduates can consider depending on their interests and goals. 

Here are some top career options for BSW graduates:

Social Worker:

This is one of the most common career paths for BSW graduates. Social workers work with individuals, families, and communities to address social issues, provide counseling, advocate for social justice, and help access people with support services.

Social workers get to assist people who are in vulnerable positions in society.  Hence, social workers need to have a deep understanding of human emotions and problem-solving abilities. 

They must be able to empathize and respond to crisis situations. To support and fight for vulnerable communities a level of compassion is needed.

Research Assistant: 

BSW graduates interested in research can work as research assistants in academic institutions or research organizations. 

They can contribute to social work research, assist in data collection and analysis, and support the development of evidence-based practices.

While a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree may not be a necessity to pursue a career in research assistant positions, having a BSW degree provides a comprehensive understanding of social issues, human behavior, and societal challenges.

When conducting research in fields like social work, public health, or the social sciences, this information can be of great use. 

NGO Program Officer:

Individuals who are committed to addressing social issues and who are passionate about making a good impact on society can pursue a career in the NGO Program Office.

In Nepal, there are numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work in fields like education, healthcare, women's empowerment, children's rights, and neighborhood improvement. 

Program officers, who are in charge of developing, administering, and assessing various social programs, can be hired after receiving a BSW.

It's important to remember that the NGO sector covers a broad range of priority topics, including healthcare, human rights, environmental protection, and more. 

As a result, those who are interested in working in NGO can investigate options that are consistent with their particular interests and concerns.

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