41.18% of Job Seekers Submit Resume While Applying for Jobs

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merojob conducted a live poll on Facebook to identify which document, Bio-data, CV or Resume, job seekers submitted while applying for jobs. The survey was conducted among 3,50,000 plus followers on merojob's Facebook page. 

According to the poll methodology, the followers we asked “While applying for jobs, I submit my….”. For this questions the possible answers were Bio-data, CV or a resume. Each of the respondents were to provide their answers using a Facebook reaction.  Respondents submitting their bio-data had to provide their answer using the Facebook reaction “Like”, for Respondents submitting their CV had to use the Facebook reaction “Love”, and Respondents submitting their resume had to use the Facebook reaction “Wow”. 

According to the survey that lasted for almost 2 hours, 38.24% voted that they submitted their Bio-data while applying for jobs. Similarly, 20.58 % voted that they submitted their CV while applying for jobs and the remaining 41.18% submitted their resume while applying for jobs. While there is a difference between these three terms and each one has its own use, it is always better to use a resume while applying for jobs. This is because, rather than others, a resume defines your personal information as well as professional details and work experience in a detailed manner. 

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