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Nagarik Stock Dealer Nepal is a prominent stock brokerage firm in Nepal, incorporated under the Company Act, of 2063 in Nepal. At Nagarik Stock Dealer, employees are an integral part of their success story. The company promotes a healthy work-life balance and offers opportunities for continuous learning and skill development. The collaborative atmosphere at Nagarik, encourages open communication, idea-sharing and innovation, allowing each team member to contribute meaningfully.

Nagarik Stock Dealer Company is actively searching for talented individuals to join its team in various key roles. If you possess the right qualifications, experience, and enthusiasm to contribute to a thriving financial organization, read on to discover the positions available and the responsibilities they entail.

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Deputy Manager (Level-8):

As a Deputy Manager, the talent will play an important role in overseeing internal administration, ensuring orderly financial transactions, and preparing essential financial reports. Deputy Manager at Nagarik Stock Dealer Company will be taking the initiative to solve the problems encountered during the regular business operations of the company.

The talent must know about ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and should have a Master's degree with at least 55 percent or CGPA 3.00 from management or commerce or humanities faculty under economics as the main subject or C.A.

Senior Accounts Officer (Level-7):

Senior Accounts Officer will be responsible for maintaining accurate financial transaction records, preparing financial statements and facilitating internal and external audits. Th officer would have to prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial statements.

A recognized degree with a minimum of 55% marks or CGPA of 3.00 is required, along with at least three years of experience at an authorized level in finance or capital markets. Knowledge of ICT is essential to excel in this role.

Administration Officer (Level-6):

As an Administration Officer, the talent will contribute to preparing financial statements, reviewing budgets, and supporting policy compliance. Furthermore, the officer will be assisting in the purchase of necessary goods, computer equipment, software etc. following prevailing laws for the operation of the company's activities

The ideal candidate must hold a recognized degree with at least 55% or a CGPA of 3.00, coupled with a minimum of two years of relevant experience. Familiarity with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a must for success in this role.

Accounts Officer (Level-6):

The primary role of the Accounts Officer is to manage financial records, develop accounting manuals and assist in budget preparation. Similarly, the talent will have to assist in preparing periodic reports to be submitted to regulatory bodies.

The ideal candidate must have a minimum of two years of experience in accounting-related work in an organized organization or an organization related to the capital market.

Information Technology Officer (Level-6):

The Information Technology Officer's main responsibility is to support the company's decision-making process by bringing the software, hardware and networking systems connected to the company into operation smoothly. This role involves maintaining the system software and hardware, designing and updating the company's website, and overseeing the integration and operation of purchased technologies.

The candidate must not be more than 40 years in the case of authorized level VI as on the last date of application. The applicant must have a degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Technology (IT) with a minimum of two years of experience in an organized organization.

Senior Assistant (Level-5): 

The role of the Principal Assistant will be of buying and selling operations. The Assistant will be responsible for obtaining instrument details, ensuring their confidentiality, and executing orders accurately. Additionally, the talent would have to maintain communication systems, verify their proper functioning, and promptly notify supervisors of any issues. Real-time order execution and status monitoring are essential aspects of your role.

The ideal candidate must have a minimum of two years of experience in an organized organization or a capital market-related entity is required, along with at least 6 months of computer training.

Assistant (Level-4): 

As an Assistant, the work revolves around supporting securities buying and selling transactions. You will gather instrument details, analyze market pressures, and execute orders accurately. The Assistant will have to work closely with supervisors, collaborating on order edits and contributing to efficient trading operations.

Applicants must have at least 55% marks or a CGPA of 3.00 in Management Faculty or Humanities Faculty from a recognized educational institution with a  minimum of one-year working experience. Candidates aged 18 to 35 (for Assistant level) and 21 to 40 (for Level 4 and Level 5) are recommended to apply.


The selection process for all the job positions involves written tests, computer skill evaluations, and interviews. Successful candidates will enjoy remuneration and benefits aligned with the company's regulations.  

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