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Resume is the first thing that connects a job seeker to the employer. So, writing a good resume is definitely the most important step in your job search process. So, what does a good resume look like? What are the key characteristics of a successful resume

There is no such thing as a perfect resume. Every resume is different, but the basic writing process is always the same. While writing a resume, you need to consider basic factors like resume format, appearance, design and content. 

Following a resume writing checklist is a good start to write a resume. Following are the elements of a resume checklist which you need to follow while writing a resume: 

Giving your Resume a Professional Look 

1. Is your email address professional?
Having an inappropriate email address can ultimately destroy your chances of getting the job. It is best suggested to use current domain in trend. Using a Gmail email address can be considered as a best option today. 

2. Is your resume consistent with information in your Social Media profiles?
If you are a LinkedIn user, make sure that your resume matches with the information that you have included on your Social Media profiles, especially LinkedIn. Today, employers check both your resume and LinkedIn profile, so it is very important to keep them up to date. 

3. Have you cleaned up your Social Media profiles?
Before sending your resume to the employers, check your Social Media profiles thoroughly & remove unwanted/inappropriate posts & photos. Your employer will definitely check your other Social Media profile rather than LinkedIn alone. 

Determine the Right Format 

4. Are you using the appropriate resume format?
There are number of resume formats you can use while writing your resume. Before choosing a resume format, first decide on why you are writing this resume? Are you applying for your first job, changing your career or have little experience in the field? You can choose from chronological, functional or combination resume depending on your situation. 

5. Is your resume easily readable?
To make it easier to read for the employer, your resume should be written in a simple and straightforward way. For this, it needs to follow a working structure that makes your resume look organized. Make sure that all the items are properly aligned and the headings and fonts you are using make the content easy to read. 

6. Have you converted your resume to the most appropriate format?
Sometimes the document can't be viewed by the employer because of the inappropriate format. This may be because you or the employer is using an older version of Word. The best option to avoid this problem is to convert your final resume to PDF format. 

Do You Have the Right Content in Your Resume? 

7. Is your resume relevant to the position you are applying for?
Is your resume customized according to the position or company you are applying for? You need to tailor your resume according to the job position’s need. Also, include keywords, industry related acronyms, and key phrases taken from the job advertisement to make it as relevant as  

8. Have you included all the required information?
Research shows that the first things employers look at on resumes are your contact details, work experience (current/previous positions and dates), skills and education. Do not forget to include even small details about these factors. 

9. Go through the vacancy announcement one more time
Even when you’ve finished writing your resume, take one last good look at your resume to make sure that the resume ‘answers’ the questions employers have included in the job advertisement. 

10. Check for spelling errors, typos or grammar mistakes
You should proofread your resume two or three times before sending it to employers. Doing so will help you identify mistakes that would have otherwise been impossible throughout the write-up. 

11.Ask a friend or a career professional to review your resume
Apart from being the editor of your own work, you should ask others to take a look at your resume. A career advisor or companies providing resume services can also tell you what changes you need to make to your resume so that it speaks better to recruiters. 

Having checked all these items in your resume checklist, now you are ready to send your resume to the employer. If you are looking for professional resume writing service, click here.

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