Common Mistakes in Online Job Application

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Gone are the days when job seekers needed to go through the newspapers to search for jobs. With the improvement in technology, the task of searching and applying for jobs has become more simplified. Same is the case for hiring managers. Unlike in the past few years, hiring managers today can save a great deal of time and effort in application collection & shortlisting the job application. 

Even with such improvement in job search process, it is seen that candidates perform few common mistakes in their online job application process. If you are having difficulty in finding a job despite proper qualification & work experience, you might be committing these common job application mistakes

Not Updating Profile
Creating a profile in any online job portal is not just enough. With time, you gain experience, update or gain new skills, get a new degree, etc. While applying for jobs, make sure that you update your profile accordingly. Most of the job seekers make the mistake of not updating their profile before applying for jobs. This leaves them with the chances of not being shortlisted due to lack of full information. 

Not Reading the Vacancy Announcement Clearly
Most of the job seekers focus on the bulleted lists of responsibilities and qualifications, but the other details that are provided in the job description are important too. Often, this is where specific instructions for applying will be mentioned. Do not apply for any position just by reading the job title and assuming the relevant job descriptions

Edit your work
It is very important to check your information clearly before clicking the “Apply” button. To avoid typos, be sure to spell check your work and have a second look on anything you plan to submit. Be careful not to use language that's inappropriate or too casual. Those mistakes, specifically, will ruin any chances you have of making a good first impression. 

Having a less-than-perfect online presence
If your resume succeeds in grabbing the attention of the hiring manager, the next thing he/she will be doing is, checking your Social Media profiles. So, in addition to your resume and cover letter, your online presence needs to be checked and polished before you apply anywhere. This is especially true on Facebook and LinkedIn, but also on any other platforms where you have profiles (Twitter, YouTube etc.). 

Focusing too much on the job title
Job title does not define your eligibility for applying for the job. Job seekers should focus on the responsibilities of the role to determine if it’s the right level for their expertise and career goals. <gs class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="db0ef32e-c5a4-40cf-972a-6dba462aeb67" id="ecd8aca6-c72c-4476-8113-2f1d5eade41d">Same job title</gs> may have different roles & responsibilities in different organizations. 

These are some of the most common mistakes job seekers make while applying online for jobs. Avoiding these mistakes definitely increase the chances of attracting the hiring manager towards your profile. If you are committing these mistakes, correct it now and get ready for a promising career ahead.

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