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The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown caused millions of people to lose their jobs. According to a survey, tourism sectors laid off 40% of their staff, SMEs laid off 30.5% of workers, and other businesses laid off 22.5% of employees in Nepal. However, with the loosening of the Covid 19 restriction, the job market has been reviving. The improvement in the market condition has caused the firms to hire more employees.

Nearly 3 out of 5 people lost their jobs due to the Covid outbreak in Nepal. The talents engaged in their roles were suddenly let go of because of the pandemic. These experienced job seekers now have a chance to explore new opportunities and get the job of their dreams as companies are looking to hire new candidates through merojob

Those who are looking for employment opportunities can start by updating their profile in merojob which includes their skills, experience, career objective, and salary. Make sure to click on the actively seeking job to show that you are currently available and be distinctly get noticed by the employers in calling you for an interview. The actively seeking job option has a validity of 15 days. So, for 15 days you will be on top of the visibility list after applying for the job and employers can find you easily.

It is suggested to frequently log in to your merojob account and search and/or apply for a suitable job. The higher frequency helps your status of actively seeking a job remain active for another 15 days till you get a job. 

Many employers were forced to cut pay, at least temporarily in response to the revenue losses due to the pandemic. There are still some companies that are deducting salaries from their employees. Many businesses even failed to pay rent and loans from the bank, which has made workers question their company’s durability. This situation has caused employees to consider shifting their job. 

The two major drives, causing employees to think of switching their job are employees wanting 100% of their salary and a better work environment. Despite the uncertainty people still have their ambition and seriousness about their career. As per the merojob system, there has been a tremendous increase in the application by jobseekers for industry sectors like accounting and finance, banking, and IT. This indicates that employees who were rethinking their desires and capabilities are now in action.

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