Come back to work feeling refreshed and re-energized after a long holiday break

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Finally, after taking a long break, days of relaxation, eating delicious foods, and the comfort of staying with your family have us wishing it would never end. But, going back to work is inevitable. 

Not wanting to think about work meetings, deadlines, and emails after an amazing break is understandable. However, this feeling can be overcome, especially if you survived the first day of your return without having mental exhaustion. 

While few may feel refreshed and re-energized after taking time off work, some may dread returning to work because of the stress and negative thoughts. Thankfully, there are things that can be done to ease your way back to work and start your day with dedication.

Remodel your wardrobe

When you look good you feel good. While sweatshirts and trousers are comfortable, we know that when we dress sharp according to official rules and etiquette we stand out. So, consider buying new outfits or refreshing your wardrobe by adding pieces that make you confident and professional.  

Do things that freshen you up

Perhaps take a walk during lunch or eat out with your colleagues. Plan to meet your friends for coffee after work. Listen to music, to fight off the feeling of sluggishness during your first week of getting back to work.

Establish positive mindset 

Practice positivity to see the good aspects of your workplace. Instead of thinking of the daunting task and dwelling on negative thoughts, take a moment to breathe in and think about the aspects of your work that you love. Whether it be hanging out with your co-workers, working on a project, or going to your favorite cafe during lunch. 

Sleep enough

While this should be a given, most of us are not getting enough sleep. Good night's sleep is very essential for relationships and renewal. So, set up your alarm and treat yourself to a cozy nap. Let your body take the rest it needs to rejuvenate itself.  


Clean up your desk upon return, there are chances that you will stumble upon piles of reports and unopened emails. So, take a minute to get organized, get the important documents labeled, and discard documents that are no longer needed. Add new pictures and make your workstation enjoyable. A clean and organized environment is good for your mental health as it helps reduce stress.

Remember to move

Get back to your exercise routine and if you don’t have one, start now. Moving the muscles can help you energize and clear your mind for the rest of your day. 

Get comfortable with the work schedule again

Even if you will return to work after the break, rather than forcing yourself to do much, too fast, take some time out and plan out. Go through the projects you were working on before leaving for the break and see which projects are still pending. After that, make a to-do list and prioritize the work which needs to be done immediately. Do not take on new projects or activities on the first day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

How have you and your co-workers been feeling after the break? If you feel you have something to add, comment down below. 

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