UN Traineeship is an excellent opportunity to shape the career

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UN Traineeship Programme is a joint initiative of the UN agencies, with an objective to provide capacity building and develop professional skills for enhancing employability prospects in the competitive job market to the socially excluded university graduate. 

During the 11 monthly long training programme, the trainees are assigned to mentors who guide and groom them throughout the programme. Trainees get an opportunity to visit fields where they are exposed to practical endeavors and interact with target groups and communities.

Throughout the programme, trainees will get to participate in various training and seminars in the UN system as a part of their learning process. They are actively involved in career growth workshops, MS- Excel training, critical thinking, communication training, and more of such training organized by Real Solutions. 

One of the past trainees, Insha Pun says “From all the learning experience gained from the traineeship, I was able to initiate the Digital Kindness Project which provides content related to women's sanitation and mental health.” Further, she suggests the new applicants be proactive, take notes during the meeting and seek help from mentors whenever necessary during the traineeship.

“ The UN traineeship Programme is a professional on-the-job learning experience for the trainees where you get the opportunity to learn the professional skills and gain knowledge on the technical areas of your choice.  It is an excellent opportunity to work with UN Agencies and contribute to the development of the country in your small way. Real Solutions has been a strong partner supporting us to implement the program effectively since Cohort II.”

- Rina Chhetri, Human Resource Analyst, UNDP

“UN traineeship programme is a big platform for freshers. The training provided to me personally was of great use to me as I had no work experience before the traineeship. Also, the career counseling made me realize where my true interest was and since then I have been working where my desire is the government sector.” says Sangam Bhujel, one of the trainees from Cohort VI. 

Along with this she continued to share her experience regarding the exam preparation “I was quite happy to apply all the concepts I had learned earlier in my academics in the traineeship exams, the questions were pretty easy and for the interview, I looked into UN Nepal and Real Solutions website.”

Rabin Rai who graduated as a trainee offers some advice on how to tackle the exam questions and interview, he says “Attempt all the questions even if you are not confident of the answer, do not leave any questions unanswered. For the interview do some research on the sector you are interested in and link it with your academic and past experiences.”

“The 11 months traineeship is truly a golden opportunity, however, there are certain things applicants need to be careful of while applying. The instruction given must be read carefully and followed accordingly. Only required documents asked during the procedure must be uploaded and all the candidates are requested not to submit half-filled applications.”

- Isha Giri, Project Coordinator, Real Solutions

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