30 Graduates Begin a New Horizon from UN Traineeship Programme – Cohort IV

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On September 30, 2015, the UN Traineeship Programme – Cohort IV conducted a graduation program for the participant trainees. 30 participants from socially excluded graduates group all over Nepal, successfully completed and graduated from the Traineeship Programme organized by Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with 7 different UN agencies.

The 11 months UN Traineeship Programme, initiated to provide a professional and capacity building training to socially excluded graduates group, aims to develop the professional competencies and enhance employability prospects of the participants.

Exposure to the real work experience and grooming in the right manner for the right job is what the trainee gained from the programme. Exposures included Access to Mentorship, Field Visits, Participation in Trainings & Seminars while Grooming involved Monitoring & Evaluation and Training and Workshop. The trainees are prepared such that they will be able to confidently face the job market and contribute to the fulfillment of the organizational goals.

“Hiring the right candidate for the right position is a major challenge for any organization.  Since recruitment & selection process takes much time, effort and cost, one cannot afford to risk the organizational integrity and development by hiring an incompetent people as an employee”, says Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri, the Managing Director at Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“The exposure that I have had working in a multicultural and multi-ethnic team at UNICEF, with colleagues ranking all levels, I believe has helped to polish this competency with working with people”, says Mr. Sanjeev Singh, trainee at UNICEF. “I believe that the best results come when we work together as a team.

”Ms. Bimisha Rai, another trainee at the program, aims to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence that enhances working capacities, professional skills and perseverance for self-development and organizational growth. According to her, the Traineeship Programme has really helped her to gain necessary skills and competencies to achieve her career objective.  

As a result of successful completion of UN Traineeship Programme, Cohort IV, 30 enthusiastic people are seeking to be a part of various organizations. Let’s make the right decision to develop their career and let them contribute in achieving your organizational goal with their knowledge, skills and experience gained during the Traineeship Programme at different UN agencies.

According to Ganga Ram Chaudhary, a mentor at the Traineeship Programme, all the trainees were sincere, honest and hardworking. They have grown into a capable, skilled, and confident professional their respective areas. “Ms. Surekha Chaudhary, whom I mentored during the Traineeship Programme, has been an inspiring WHO staff and government staff with her friendly behavior and positive attitude”, said Mr. Chaudhary. “She has been completing her assigned tasks quickly and efficiently, and her achievements are very good. She possesses good written and verbal communication skills.  

The UN Traineeship Programme was initiated in April 2011, as UN Traineeship Programme Cohort I as the continuation and the successful completion of Cohort I, II & III, UN Traineeship Programme Cohort IV was initiated in August 2014. UN Traineeship Programme 2015 involved UNDP, UNICEF, WHO, FAO, UNWOMEN, UNESCO and UNCDF.

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