How to get a job other than a Bank in Nepal

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Many talents are interested in having a career in banking. Thousands of applications are sent among which only the eligible candidates get shortlisted for further processing and only a few get hired. So, if you did not get that bank job, you are not alone.

Not getting to work in the bank is not the end of your career, and here is why.

The Worst-Case Scenario 

  1. Getting yourself in a position where it is nearly impossible to break into finance or get any job at all in the future.

  2. Moving into a job that is tough to relate with your degree

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The bank is not the only institute known to provide ample opportunities with high remunerations. Jobs in other institutes relating to the financial industry, the investment industry, and insurance industries too can be extremely lucrative. 

Click on the heading titles to go through the companies hiring and to apply for the job related to that particular industry.

Finance Companies

The world of finance is the stuff of legends among business enthusiasts. People imagine themselves working in the mountains of cash. This is only true when you have worked your way up and built a successful career in the industry. Financial Managers are even considered to be among the 5 best-paying jobs in Nepal. However, jumping into the top position is unheard of without starting near the bottom and working your way up.

The financial world is broad, it can be narrowed down to a few categories. 


Accounting and Finance might seem like a simple profession, just working with numbers. Though it is partially true, accounting and finance are critical business functions that come with a lot of responsibilities, important skills, and problem-solving. 

For accounting jobs, it is quite important to know about Nepal’s VAT, TDS, Income tax act, accounting and finance regulations, and accounting software Tally. Experience in cash flow and bookkeeping is also quite useful. 

Accounting and finance jobs are in high demand and companies too after realizing the importance of accounting and finance departments are actively seeking well-qualified talents in this sector.

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Insurance/Financial Services

Financial services represent a broad range of specific activities such as investing and insurance. Such sectors provide financial services to people, companies and manage money. From accepting cash and cheque, managing lending and recoveries they do it all.

Such sectors have titles like Executive-Loan and Recovery, Sr. Assistant. These positions will require you to have a bachelor’s degree preferably in business. As the talent would need to have excellent communication, analytical, and negotiation skills. Since they would need to work with huge money and part take in borrowing cash and managing database and information.

Capital Market

A capital market group provides various services like lending services, investment management, trading, researching, consulting services, and many other types of financial services. Talent working in this sector will need to manage market knowledge and prepare various comparables for all planned tractions. 

As the financial sector is about giving services to people, talents working here need to follow up with clients to collect outstanding dues. Open DEMAT account for the new clients and transfer the share to the DMATs account of the clients. Further requirements would be filing and recording information, providing administrative support, and managing multiple responsibilities. 

To move your career ahead related to finance all you need to do is go to merojob, research companies you are interested in, and apply.

However, if you are interested to explore the world outside of finances here are a few demanding industries looking to hire talents.

Remember to click on the heading titles to go through the companies, job details and to apply for the jobs.

IT & Telecommunication

Nepal’s IT and telecommunication companies have increased significantly, thus a career in these sectors is very luring. Even non-IT institutes require IT professionals, in some way. Not only an IT graduate but anyone with academic qualifications or skills such as web design, programming, application development, etc can break into this profession.

Those of you who wish to know the top IT career landscape to make a profession in IT and network have a golden opportunity as companies are looking for talent in positions like .Net Developer, React Developer, WordPress Programmer, Mobile Application Developer, Java Developer, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Front end/ Back end Developers and more

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Teaching, especially in schools, in Nepal is regarded as an easy profession. People in many other professions use teaching as a convenient start to their careers as it is said to be one of the best jobs in the world. Here are a few of the job positions that are in demand Abroad Education Manager, Lab Assistant, Principal, Library Officer, Counselor, SAT/PTE/IELTS Trainer, Program Coordinator, Discipline In-charge, Online English Tutor, Economics Teacher, etc. 

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Human Resource/Org Development

Both human resource (HR) and organizational development (OD) functions to deal with people.  HR works on the recruitment process to make recruitment better by conducting job analysis, preparing job descriptions, posting vacancies, and screening resumes. Conduct new employee orientation/onboarding program, exit interviews.  

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General Management/ Administration/Operations

The administrative work is all about overseeing the organizational activities, planning, implementing programs. Talents will need to develop, implement, and review operational policies and procedures and make important strategic decisions. Ensure all the operations in the organization are running smoothly. 

Sales/Public Relationship

As public relationship is about building and maintaining a positive public image for a company and sales is about selling products or services and meeting customers’ needs. Talents will have to plan and develop sales strategies to boost the sales and achieve the sales target, establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships and work in a team with other departments.

Marketing/Advertisement/Customer Service

The marketing area is full of opportunities with various work varieties. Whatever the job title is marketing jobs will require you to monitor market trends, create advertising campaigns, develop pricing strategies and targeting strategies and work with the company to develop more awareness of what they offer.


Those who are skilled and experienced in software like Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, after effects, and premiere pro and/or other modern designing tools graphing designing can be your destined career. If you are interested in learning these skills you can benefit from online training

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