December 2017 ( 8 posts found )

Neosphere hosted Free IT Career Seminar

Neosphere has come up with a seminar “IT Career Seminar 2017”, where IT experts from various backgrounds along with career experts from merojob will guide… Read more

Develop and Improve Soft Skills

Soft skills are interpersonal skills. These are much harder to describe and evaluate. While hard skills are job-specific, most employers are looking for … Read more

Prepare for a Job Interview at a Very Short Notice

Sometimes it will feel like a hiring manager takes forever to get back to you with an interview appointment. But other times they will reply quicker than … Read more

5 Steps for Accurate Self-Assessment

Self-evaluation lets you express what you feel are important tasks you have completed, responsibilities you'd like to take on, and provide a channel of op… Read more

How to Face a Job Interview With Full Confidence?

Description: Self confidence is a key proficiency mandatory in every interview. You must have to keep belief and confidence in yourself, so that the emplo… Read more

Develop Professionalism After High School With 6 Easy Steps

Use your class time to work on making a good impression on the professor by dressing professionally, using positive body language, and taking the time to … Read more

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