Neosphere hosted Free IT Career Seminar

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With the growth and the popularity of Information and Technology, the world is taking a massive cross over towards another grand technological world with each passing year.  The process seems irresistible and is proceeding even more for the better tomorrow. Information and technology contributes a lot for the development of a society and a country like in Nepal. The current and future scope of IT is massive in Nepal and worldwide due to the extreme rise of technologies.

Today, the world has become a small global village because of information technology. With the rising scope in IT in everywhere, Nepal is not an exception and has a very good scope in IT. IT is one of the jobs that is paid very well in Nepal and worldwide. But people still have so many inquiries about IT scope in Nepal. In order to retort your every kind of queries and questions, Neosphere has come up with a seminar “IT Career Seminar 2017”, from December 25th to 29th,where IT experts will guide you through the sessions regarding IT and relevant scopes. The seminar is categorized into five sessions; Career  in Software Development, Career in Computer Graphics and Animation, Career as a Network Specialist, Changing Landscape of Software project and Commerce and Entrepreneurship. You can select and register  for the session on the basis of your field of interest or you can also attend every session. The seminar is going to make you familiar about the careers in IT in Nepal and how can you get better out of it. With the increasing number of students and demands in IT field of study and work, the opportunities are also increasing accordingly.

If you are naturally inclined towards computers, technical objects and such, then IT profession might be  a career choice for you. Do not miss the opportunity. This is a very good chance to get much information and ideas for you exclusively at zero cost. The event is going to be held at the premise of Neosphere, Madan Bhandari Road, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu.

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