Entrepreneurship on the Top List of Youth's Dream Job

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A recent survey was conducted by merojob.com among the youth participation regarding their DREAM JOB at Rotaract District Training Seminar organized by Rotaract District 3292 at DAV School, Jhamsikhel on 24th June 2017 to make them realize their own dream job.

Over 900 youth took part in the seminar. The participant aged 18-30, were asked to share their dream job with meroJob.com. They wrote under “MY DREAM JOB” on white board and the result is unexpected.  The youth who participant were mostly student that are currently in college, or recently graduated.

To nobody’s surprise, entrepreneur, social worker, army officer etc. appeared high on the list, but so did the unrealistic, unconventional, and difficult to achieve careers. Among those choices of youths are to be the owner of Microsoft, to rule the world, to become super hero and to become a king.

Several years ago, when the job market was narrow, the common dream job of youth used to be government officer, doctor, pilot or engineer. With the advance technology, urbanization, changes in the education system, modernize society and endless career choices their preference of dream job has also changed.

This survey is an eye opener.  Most of the youth who participated are unclear about their preferred direction in life. Half of the quarter who were serious about their dream job were full of worries. They have no clue of the important skill set and talents that are mandatory within their "dream job." 

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