Employee Communication: Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace

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Gone are the days when the boss or the employer used to talk and the employees used to just listen to them. Traditionally, the communication culture in a workplace used to be downward communication, i.e. the flow of information from high level to the lower levels. But, employers today are focusing on promoting two way communications in an organization. Also, different departments in an organization work as a team to achieve their common goals and objectives. 

It is a proven fact that effective communication in the workplace leads to increased productivity and also job satisfaction among the employees. Thus, employers today are focusing much of their time and effort to gain an insight on ways to promote effective employee communication in the workplace. Proper and transparent communication between the employer and the employee creates a healthy communication environment in an organization. Effective employee communication in the workplace also provides the organization with numerous other benefits. 

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why effective employee communication has been gaining much importance in today’s organization; 

Effective Employee Communication Promotes good working environment
An effective communication involves the communication between the employers and the employees. Two-way feedback may include communication activities like discussions, meetings, brainstorming sessions, giving and asking for suggestions and recommendations, etc. Culture of encouraging employee in sharing their ideas and knowledge and also handling their grievance properly and timely are few examples that will lead to motivated employees and good working environment. 

Effective Employee Communication Improves Productivity
Various studies have shown that effective employee communication plays a significant role in improving overall employee satisfaction by giving them a sense of value, respect and trust. This in turn will result in highly motivated and productive employees. One of the ways to communicate with the employees would be to ask for their suggestions regarding decision making, event planning, etc. 

In addition to this, there should be proper communication of the job roles, performance expectations, employee benefits and compensation plans, etc. Communicating all the required information and also listening to their feedback will make the employees feel valued and thus will be motivated to work towards the goals of the company. 

Effective Employee Communication Improves Job Satisfaction
Promoting an environment of upward communication in an organization leads to increased job satisfaction of the employees. Through upward communication, employees will be able to share their view, ideas and also the problems they are facing at work with their employers. Managers who listen and respond to their employees will surely have highly satisfied employees. 

Effective Employee Communication Ensures Consistency
Effective two-way communication in an organization also ensures consistency of tasks going on in an organization. If all the employees working towards a common goal understand what they are doing, what is expected of them and what the end results should be, there will be less confusion regarding the road map leading towards the objectives. This will also provide a much more consistent approach and fewer tendencies for people to come up with their interpretation of what they think something means. 

Effective Employee Communication Improves Working Relationships
In order to promote healthy working relationship between the employees and the employers, it is very important to have a good communication environment. Poor communication leads to office rumors, gossip and conflict as well as distrust among colleagues, managers and employers. Improperly communicated messages may result in loss and twist of the actual meaning of the information. In order to achieve healthy working relationships there needs to be an atmosphere of trust and honesty which requires good communication skills. 

Effective Employee Communication Promotes Positive Attitude towards Change  
Organizations today work in a continuously changing environment. The change can be due to various internal and external forces in the industry in which the organization operates. It is a natural phenomenon for employees to resist the changes. This resistance to change can be reduced through proper and effective communication. Thus, if the employees are clearly communicated about the nature, reasons and benefits of the change, they will respond to it in a positive manner.

Effective Employee Communication Improves Employee Morale
One major benefit of good communication within the workplace is that it may very likely lead to an improvement in employee morale. A highly communicative and collaborative work environment promotes productivity, creativity and also improves the morale of the employees. Proper communication fosters an environment where employees feel comfortable asking for clarifications regarding any confusion. In order to increase employee morale, we can also work on providing positive feedback to the employees and reduce the level of distrust and conflict in the organization. 

Best performing organizations around the world have the most engaged and productive employees. 

A proper communication system makes possible in improving the efficiency and enhancing communication in the organization that will certainly help you increase productivity, boost morale and also retain them. 

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