A 38.65% Increase in Minimum Salary has been Proposed for the Next Fiscal Year

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The Minimum Wage Fixing Committee has recommended that the new minimum salary be set at NRs 13,450/-, which is to be effective from the beginning of the next fiscal year (July 17).

This is an increment of NRs 3,750 (38.65%), to the earlier minimum salary of NRs 9,700.

It had also been announced that the social security act will be made effective from this year itself, which would result in the salary of the workers increasing to nearly 16,000/-.

Additionally, the government is also now making it mandatory for all workers’ wages to be paid through banking channels.

The determination of the hourly wage, for an hourly-based wage system, that is to be implemented for part time workers such as construction workers, will also be calculated on the basis of this new minimum salary. Notably, Provident fund and social security fund is also being made mandatory for all workers- fulltime or part-time.  

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