7 Tips to Master Phone interview

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An interview is rarely a stress free event as interviewers put you on the spot and force you to think. However, a phone interview differs from the other types of interviews. One major aspect which defines this statement is the body language and facial clues aren’t needed. While you’re on the phone, your attitude of voice and answers are more important than body language

In today’s context, the most important step to getting a job is mastering the phone interview. Instead of being screened out by the employers, you need to be very careful on what type of answers you give and with what kind of voice tone does the answer comes from. If you can get a positive checkmark in this first step, then you’ll move on to the next. 

So, here are some tips to master the phone interview and land on the job. 

Be Prepared
The first thing you need to consider for mastering your phone interview is that, you must be prepared. As heard about the quote “Prevention is better than cure,” you need to be prepared a few days before the phone interview.

Here, the preparation usually includes having your resume in front of you, making sure you’re on a good phone line with no disturbance, having all the important details about the company and the employer, ready with a set of questions to ask the employer etc. 

Show Some Seriousness
Despite the fact that the phone interview is very different that other interview types, you need to take it seriously. Do not think you’ll be on the phone and you won’t be judged face-to-face so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Just like in face-to-face interview, you need to impress your interviewer to take you to the next step and maybe, get hold of the job.

Demonstrate Energy and Interest
Body language and facial expression are most important, since you’re on the phone. The confidence level in your voice and interest is also equally important. Put energy in your voice and smile during the interview. It might seem weird to smile when you’re alone, but it automatically affects your tone in a positive way. 

Also, remember to sound enthusiastic in order to create more pleasant tone and you will sound fresh and polished to the interviewer. 

Stand Up
This might sound funny and weird but when you stand up and talk during your phone interview, you’ll automatically build up confidence level.

Your speech differs when you sit and talk, and when you stand up and talk. That is why, most of the best speakers give their speech, walking around here and there instead of standing in one place. 

Use Hand Gestures
Using hand gestures is very natural for talking, so allow yourself to use them during your phone interview. You would want to sound natural so walk around the room and free your hands. This will actually give the freedom to be more yourself on the call. 

Do not hesitate or think that doing such might make you look like an idiot. Apparently, everyone does it, so, come on give your hands a chance to move! 

Ask Questions
Every interview gives the interviewee a time to open up their inquiries so make sure you have a list of short questions to ask the interviewer.

Remember that employer hire people who they think are capable of. So, it is important to turn the interview into a meaningful conversation by asking intelligent questions

Close with Enthusiasm
An interview is about selling yourself, and the last few words you say will stay with the interviewer for a few minutes. So, you need to make sure that you ended up the conversation with enthusiasm. Forget about the interview if it went good or bad, for now you need to make a good ending. 

Phrases like, “It was great talking with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon,” may work. However, you need to say it like you meant it and not like you just said it as a formality. 

Like any interview, Recruiters want a glimpse of who you are through the phone screen. So, smile from the beginning till the end of the call. So, these are the things you need to follow up in order to get success in the first step of hiring process. 

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