5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Hired

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During your job search period, you put your full time and effort in preparing the best resume and cover letter, prepare and go through a lot of interviews but fail in many of them. And then, you end up wondering why you didn’t get hired! Was the resume not prepared well? Did I not present myself well during the interview? Do I lack some qualities that others possess?. These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we fail to get hired for the job we applied for. 

Well, the truth is, you may not be well qualified for the job or the problem is most likely in you. So, what may the possible reasons for you not getting hired? 

You Aren’t Serious About What You Want 
The first thing to get any job is to set a plan. A plan regarding the sector you are interested to work in, the job level, etc. A job search without certain purpose is of no use. If you are not passionate about the job search, then you can never get a job or at least the right job. Be determined and go through online job portals or newspapers to find the right career for you. You will come across many jobs that fit your qualification and area of interest. 

So, if you randomly apply for a job without considering your qualification and area of interest, you might never get a job or the right one.

You Resume Didn’t Reflect Who You Are
A resume should give the employer a clear picture of your personal background, academic qualifications, work experiences, trainings & skills, etc. So, it is very important to include all these details in your resume. Also, it will be best if the information provided is related to the job you are applying for. Make sure that your resume format and the details in your resume are up-to-date. You can also get a nice resume developed by a professional resume writing service

You Didn’t Present Yourself Well, in the Interview
The interview is the most important step in hiring process. Be prepared for the questions that are generally asked in an interview. Carry out research on how to answer the questions and also the effects and importance of body language in an interview. Be communicative and ask questions regarding the job description or even the individual. Also, find out what not to ask in an interview. Do researches about the company; check their Facebook and LinkedIn account and other sources. 

You Don’t Network Enough
Don’t limit your search just to online job portals or newspaper advertisements. Even don’t bind with those online job search sites. Make connections and meet people related to your field or even those who are not. Make more job preference, limiting yourself only in one job will never let you advance. If possible, send your resume to every possible company, where there is a probability to get hired. 

You Go For Big Name
Aim high, but never stop if you don’t reach there quickly. You may want to work for a big company with a name, but you may not have enough skills and experience. In that case, start from the grass hood level.  For instance, if you apply for a given position in a big company, you may have to compete with greater number of candidates with higher qualifications, experience and skills. In this case, your resume and effort may be lost in the pool of experienced candidates. So, it is best to start from the ground and then try shooting the star.   

These may be some of the probable reasons why you are not getting a job. Try working out on improving these aspects and see the difference. Also, don’t get demotivated if you don’t get hired because every interview is a platform to learn new experience. 

All the best for your interviews!!

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