How to Answer "What Do You Know About Our Company?"

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Either you're in your first interview or second or third, you must always be prepared about one typical question. "What do you know about our company?" is an obvious and a sure question asked to every interviewee. You might take this question simply and might answer like "um… not much actually" then you’re directly taken as not-so-serious candidate by the recruiters. This can lead you to lose the job with a blink of an eye.

However, this question is as simple as it seems. You don't need to worry or get nervous while answering this question. All you have to do is prepare a little bit and then you can make your interview go very well. 

So, here are some tips on how you can prepare yourself and answer quite confidently when asked "What do you know about our company?" on your interview.

Researching about the company and the employer can be a smart thing to do if you want to ace your interview. By research, you can answer the question perfectly at your interview. 

Research usually means firstly, you need to visit their website. Whether you look at their 'About us' section or browse into their photo gallery, make sure that you go through each and every part of the website. 

Take Notes
After you've browsed thoroughly about the company from its website, you should take notes on key facts. Points such as, their mission, objectives, products and services, location, branches, main work etc. Can be noted down. 

With these notes, it will be easier for you to practice yourself on the question related to the company. Also, if you get hired later, then you'll be less awkward on adjusting yourself in the new company with all the new faces. 

Follow on Social Media
Either you log in to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn; make sure to visit the company's page. You can also check on their viewers, comments and shares'. 

Use social media as a platform where you can know what they're saying, what they're posting, what they're doing to engage the viewers like you. It might be some interesting facts or the photo gallery about their current event. 

Use Search Engines
If you happen to collect a little information about the company, then you can use search engines to research more about the company. You can look for some newspaper articles about key executives or search for some magazines. 

You can even try to Google a keyword search phrase like "press release" followed by the company name. See if they've been in the news and you can find the most recent news stories shared by them. 

Now, as you've done all the research and noted down some important points, start preparing for the interview.  With the notebook on your side, start coming up with some answers for the company related questions and note it down as well. 

As you prepare, practice giving the answers which are beneficial to you in getting hired quick. Mixing up the connections or accomplishments of the company with your answer about being interested in being a part of it might work! 

So, these are some tips on answering company related questions. We hope you like this content. If in case, you want to share your views or ideas then feel free to comment down below. For more tips on training and education, click here.

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