5 Time Management Tips That Will Boost Your Career

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How do we manage every day work? Do we structure our whole day that how are we going to work? Do we look on the situation of the day, feel we should work in this way or that way and then work? Or do we work like whatever comes in during the day? These are very important time management questions to ask for yourself in order to boost your career.

We have very different ways of working depending on the nature of work, individual behavior and the personality. But it is easy to get diverted at work when you do not have clearly defined goals for what you are trying to accomplish each day. If you want to accomplish your career goals, one of the first skills to master is time organization. Here’s how: 

Determining where your time goes

First, determine your time for one week and then analyze the results. It will help you figure out where your time is being wasted consciously or unconsciously.

Planning ahead

First refresh your mind, sit down in a quiet place for some minutes, plan your week ahead. Write down the key projects and tasks you need/want to accomplish. This will always help you to bring your works in a track.


Prioritizing means ranking your list so you can see the most important activities all the way down to the least important.

Block time on your calendar

Schedule the time you will need to complete your high priority tasks and projects the first week. Then, block out time for your average priority activities. If you are out of time for the lesser priority items, you may need to push back on certain requested, ask for more time or work longer hours.

Carve out email time

Manage your time to check mails on the day. For example, you can check emails at the start of the day, right before and after lunch and at the end of the day. Avoid checking email except during these times, as it can distract you from your high-priority work!

All it is required to do is to re-frame your thoughts from,” I wonder how my week will be?” to “Here’s what I am going to accomplish this week.”

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