6 Common Types of Job Interviews

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An interview enables the employers to decide whether or not you are suitable for the job they have to offer. Like anything else, interview also comes in different types and features. Sometimes, you’re with one interviewer and sometimes, you’re with five of them. Every interview can be difficult because job interviews are all about making the best match. 

Job-seekers going on interviews can usually expect one of two styles of interviewing, although the styles may differ. There are variety of types of interviews that employer may conduct, in order  to evaluate the skills of job applicants and to let the job interviewees understand the job profile and company better. 

Before you go to your interview, you should realize that there are several common types of job interviews. You will want to inquire what type of job interview you will be going through so that you can best prepare for it. 

Here are the 6 common types of job interviews that you should know about. 

Traditional Interview
Also known as one-on-one interview, traditional interview is the most common type of interview form that companies use. This is one of those types where you are interviewed by one representative of the company, most likely the manager of the position you are applying for. 

The interviewer has a certain plan and set of questions that they ask the job applicants. All you have to do is listen to their questions, and provide the information that you are asked for. Also, this is non-distracting type of interview where the focus is only on the candidate and therefore, recruiters are able to get a good evaluation of the interviewee. 

Panel Interview
The panel interview is also another common type where there is more than one interviewer, usually 3 or more, interviewing one candidate. The panel may consist of different representative of the company such as human resource, management and employees. 

Usually one or two interviewer asks the questions, while the other concentrates on studying the interviewee silently through the body language, characteristics and communication skills. This interview is conducted to save time and get the collective opinion from each interviewer regarding the candidate. 

Group Interview
A group interview is a type of interview in which you are interviewed with the bunch of other candidates at the same time. This type of interview isn’t common, but it is usually carried out when the company is hiring multiple people for the same job. 

Many times, a group interview will start with a short presentation about the company.  After that, they may speak to each candidate individually and ask them a few questions. The main focus of the interviewers is to identify and analyze how you interact with other candidates, and it’s better to not interrupt while the other candidate is taking their turn to answer their given questions. 

Phone Interview
This interview is conducted via phone call and is also a very cost effective way to screen candidates. Usually, a phone interview is done as a prescreening call to see whether you can be called for an in-person interview or not. These interviews can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes or more. 

Phone interview is less-personal and faster, but less effective because your body language will play a less role. You may also be asked some typical or behavioral questions. However, the main aim of the interviewer is to look for flaws rather than strengths (but this doesn’t mean you should be showing all of your flaws). 

Stress Interview
This type of interview is quite interesting. Interviewers conduct a stress interview to access how you behave in a stressful situation. For example, they want you to know if you are going to get angry, frightened or confused or if you have the ability to remain calm under pressure. 

During this interview, the employer will ask you quick questions. Such types of questions may be asked to get an insight of your character. Also, your answers will be criticized and they might interrupt you repeatedly. 

Testing Interview
This isn’t a common type of interview but when conducted, you will be given some exercises to demonstrate your creative and analytical abilities. This is that type of interview where you will be tested on your ability to do the job. 

Basically, a company may ask you to take a short test to evaluate your technical skills and knowledge. Mostly, people who applied for a teaching post or designing webpage can go through this interview. 

So, now you have an idea of these five types of job interviews. However, no matter what type of job interview you go on, you can always do your best to prepare for it and show them the best of who you are and your capabilities. 

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