5 Things to Consider before Quitting a Job

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It’s a common situation that you’ll find yourself in at some point in your life: annoyed by your job and no option arises than to throw your resignation letter on your boss’s desk. Keeping emotions at such time can be a tough thing to do. However, the thought of quitting your job in anger without giving it a second thought can make you regret later. 

There might be a lot of reasons why you might feel like quitting is the only option, but that might not always be the case. Doing such activity could actually make things even worse for you. Every situation is unique, and you must think it through before taking a huge step. 

So, here are some tips to consider before you say good-bye to your job. 

Your Advantages and Benefits
Whatever your reasons for quitting the job might be, you should consider the advantages and benefits that you’re getting from your current job. Because of the stress, you might have been missing out some benefits. So, the things you should first look on to is, the benefit you’re getting from your current job or you’ll be getting in the new one. 

Let’s suppose you left your job in rage and joined a new one. What if you’re getting less benefit comparative to your previous one? Wouldn’t that be something to regret badly? Since, you wouldn’t want that to happen, you should check into the benefits you’re getting or going to get. 

Your Financial Situation
Quitting may feel very good at the moment, but it also means that you won’t be able to earn money to cover up your expenses. By the time, you will have definitely developed the habit of not asking money to anyone because you’re earning money for yourself. So in times of need, you’ll be desperate to borrow some money from your parents which might be a little too embarrassing. 

So before quitting your job, you need to consider about your financial situation. You should make sure that you’re financially prepared to cover your expenses for the next several months. 

Adequate Experience
You need to take a look at your job experience. If you find that you haven’t got enough experience for a new role, then you’re wasting your time looking for ways to quit your job. You need to think hard on how you can stay in your job for few more months and gain more experience. 

If you are really serious about quitting your job, then you should stay a little longer so that you can build that status and sharpen your skills. This way, you’ll have more chances of getting the job you want and avoid the impression of being called as a ‘job-hopper.’ 

Take a Time Out
Apparently, this could possibly be the best way to fix yourself. Suffering from all the work-related stress can make your brain focus only on quitting the job rather than thinking it the other way around. 

So, cooling your head from a couple of vacation-days or short break may be all you need to get your emotions back under control. You can do yoga early in the morning, spend some time with your friends and family, visit some beautiful places or even take a small trip out of town! 

Back-up Plan
Despite the fact that you’re financially fit and experienced as well, the job doesn’t seem to fit into your pocket. The only thing left to do is leave the job and join a new one, but before doing such thing, you must have a back-up plan. If you don’t have a job ready to replace your current one, it’s better if you stay where you are until you come across some ideas. 

Without a back-up plan, you might not be able to find a job in time and you’ll end up borrowing money from people to clear your expenses. 

“If you choose to quit a job, don’t do it without having another job lined up first,” says O’Donnell. 

So, these are the things you need to consider before thinking of leaving your job. We hope you liked this content. If in case you want to share your views or ideas then feel free to comment below. For more career tips and advice, click here.

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