Office Etiquette: 5 Things to Never Say at Work

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What you say matters. 

Words may be even more important than actions for several reasons. The trouble with words we use is that we assume other people to sense accurately of what we meant. 

Regardless of the audience, topic, or industry, whether you are at stand up presentation, sit down conversation, online meeting, telephone discussion or commenting at lunch, the words and phrases you use can potentially make or break your career. 

Here are the few things you should never say at work.

“That’s not in my Job Description”
Every job description is fluid. It is obvious that employees are often asked to go above and beyond their job description.  

Unless it is unethical or illegal, say yes when asked to step up, join up or pitch in. Try to think of these situation differently, you might learn something new. Grab this as an opportunity to show your versatility and willingness to cooperate. Demonstrate that you are not afraid of taking on a new task, you are a team player, flexible and have initiative. 

“This is how it’s always been done.”
Always remember, just because your company has done things one way in the past doesn’t mean it is the only way. The chances are the best way is yet to be figured out. Be open to the ideas offered tactfully & critically and don’t be afraid of change. 

Try to know if the new approach is better. And if it is for good, alter your way, be perceptive and open to the idea of change.

"It's not my Fault" 
It's easy to be defensive but be accountable. If you had any role-no matter how small-in whatever went wrong, admit it and take the responsibility.  Even if you have little or nothing to do with the error, dont waste time gossiping rather try to fix it. 

It's never a good idea to cast blame to anyone. Instead of looking place blame focus on resolution and figure out what the team can do to get out of the situation. 

"This will only take a Minute"
Rarely does anything we do take only a minute. When you say something only takes a minute you create an impression that you rush through tasks. 

Be considerate when disrupting someone else's work flow. Make sure what you show or say is more important than what other person is working on. Instead you can assure them by saying the "it wont take long" but avoid the unrealistic time frames. 

"There's nothing I can do about this"
We often run out of options and there's really nothing we can do about it, but that kind of rejection makes you look rude and cruel in workplace.

Help others and yourself by focusing on discovering more possibilities so that you can come up with some other options. 

There is no need to hide what you want to say, but there is always a polite, honest and effective way of doing so.  Avoid the habit of using career killing phrases that can hurt your professional reputation. For more tips read office etiquette you need to know.

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