6 Office Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

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The main reason behind the productivity of any company is good working environment. Bad etiquette will never make you feel comfortable and be productive in the office. Every employee must always be aware of how they should behave and make their work better. It is the manners that brings and builds good business sense and good relationship between and among staffs of the office. 

Bullying around may be fun for some people but it is the worst thing anyone can do in the place where you work. Every employee must have certain extent of dignity and sense of value for self and other colleagues as well. Your colleagues expect respect like they respect you and you should never disvalue that. 

Here are some office etiquette rules you need to know: 

Respect People Around You
Some people being in high position tend to think that they are superior to others. Position and power must never be used to bully those who are around you. If you are in the position of authority, you must focus on maintaining good etiquette in office. You need to build positive relations with all your staffs and encourage other employee to do so. 

You must always know that no one likes bullying and everyone want respect. People are more conscious about their respect when they are in any company. They want their work and position to be valued. If you continue to bully and use your power over others, you will not only lose your dignity but also the loyalty of your staffs. 

Mind Your Physics & Language
You must know that simple things like body gesture, posture and movement can play a great role in maintaining respectful working environment. Crossing your legs while sitting is not only bad for your blood circulation but also creates distraction. Uncross your legs every time you sit in your office. 

Also, be concerned about what kind of words or language you use in office. Whenever you are talking with others, first be sure in which position they are in. If s/he is your colleague and a good friend, you can be very casual while speaking. But, if you are having a conversation with your boss, then be sure to think twice or thrice whenever you say anything. 

Dress with Respect 
It's important to assess the mirror before you leave your home for office. You must know that dressing is not only about looking good and stylish but above all it's being comfortable. You need to be sure that whatever you wear to an office or an event or a seminar you need to dress up according to the environment. However, it also does not mean that you need to be wearing the same old fashioned suit and tie every time.

Dressing up comfortably has a great connection with looking professional. There may be certain kind of dress code in the office. If not, for men they always look good and comfortable in suit and for ladies light color shirt or t-shirt with blazer and pant suits well. 

Email Etiquette
As the usage of email has been growing day-by-day, every individual must know the correct email etiquette. Having good email etiquette not only helps you to write a good email but also helps a lot in workplace progress. Whenever you receive an email from your colleagues you want it to be free of errors. But, if there are many spelling errors, grammatical errors and over all there is no any sense of respect for you, you won't like that.  Same goes to you as well. 

If an employee of any company doesn’t have good email etiquette, a situation of conflict may also rise. So, before hitting the send button check the following things:

  • Correct Spelling.  
  • Don’t send large attachments. 
  • Good and clear subject line. 

Telephone Etiquette Telephone manners are also equally important as email. It is one of the essential skills you must have. You must know how to begin the conversation and end it properly. Here are some tips: Always introduce yourself at the beginning of the conversation, sometimes you may get a call that is not related to you. Don’t sound anxious, aggressive or harsh while having a phone conversation. You may be having a bad time but other may not be feeling the same. 

Similarly, have a plan before calling and leave a clear message while hanging up the phone. In the office you just don’t call to say "hi" or "hello" or to know what they are doing. You need to plan and have a concrete message before calling any other staff.  And, also be sure not to interrupt others while having conversation.  

Keep Your Belongings Aside
Everyone has a close attachment with their personal belongings especially with their cell phones. Many times we tend to keep our cell phones right beside, wherever we are. But you should always keep your mobile in silence, vibration or keep simple and soft ringtone. You should understand that keeping cell in loud ringtone can distract people around and they can lose their attention towards their work. 

You must be careful about your mobile phones especially when you are in the meeting. It may create bad impression if you keep on playing with your mobile during the meeting time and again. May be you are attached with it but you must have the control over the usage of technology. Don’t ever start your office by sitting at your desk at texting or making personal calls. 

Good office etiquette rules not only make good working environment, but also helps a lot in the progress of the company. For more career tips click here. 

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