8 Influential Body Language Tips for Interviews

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No matter how hard we try, just the thought of a job interview makes us feel nervous. A lot of candidates prepare in advance regarding what they will be saying in a job interview. But, most of us fail to understand the importance and effects of our body language on interviews. Body language speaks a lot about our personality and character. So, most of the employers today, analyze the candidate’s body language in order to determine his/her character. 

It’s always important to make a good first impression to any interviewer. Powerful words in resume are not just enough to impress the professionals. Our body language, gesture and eye contacts emphasize what our words cannot say. It conveys the message and portraits the confidence in us, as our body language expresses different sides of our personality. 

Moreover, the words that we speak and our body language must convey the same message. The visual input will matter more for the better result. So, if you are preparing for a job interview, make sure that you do some homework on identifying the right body language for the interview. Here, we will guide you in identifying some of the desired body language to gain the confidence of your interviewer. 

Everyone loves a smiling and cheerful personality. Likewise, employers are also in search of people with professional as well as cheerful attitude. So, what else will make you brighter than having a simple smile on your face? Getting worried about the answers and focusing more on the correct and powerful choice of the words will definitely make you panic, so relax and face the interview with a warm smile on your face.   

Maintain Proper Body Posture
Your body posture speaks a lot about your attitude and confidence level. While in an interview, sit firmly and lean your back against the chair. Sit up straight and lean bit forward when you’re asked questions. This will give the interviewer a sense of curiosity and engagement. 

Lean and Nod
Body movements play a very important role in reflecting your personality and attitude. Sometimes, even if you are listening to the interviewer, if your body language is not correct it may convey the wrong message.  So, you need to learn and Nob whenever necessary. Lean forward when the interviewers are conveying something to you. Nob if you understood, otherwise ask questions if you don’t understand what their actual message is. 

Eye Contact
Eye contact is very important while having a conversation; it shows your confidence level. Moreover, it shows the sign of trust and control over your conversations. It builds the sign of intimacy and the bond of trust that can build a friendly environment. Making eye contact throughout the interview also convinces that you are listening to the interviewer and you are interested in their talk. 

Hold Your Head High
Always keep your head up. Looking straight towards the interviewer will make you look confident. If you face downwards all the time, even your powerful resume or questions won’t work on the interview. It will create a bad impression on the interviewer. You won’t even be able to concentrate on what the interviewer is saying and this will also make you look insecure.   

Use Your Hands
Instead of folding your hands and sitting quietly, you can make good use of your hands. Move your hands while you are explaining things. Use hands in expressing yourself. You must also be careful not to use your hand much or too high. It distracts the interviewer and make them feel bored. It shows how freely you can express yourself because if you don’t move your hands, it gives the sense that you are nervous.   

Don’t Speak Quickly
Everyone gets nervous while going through an interview.  We make lots of mistakes while explaining our things.  So, we should always be careful and slow down while talking. Even while you enter the interview room, the way you walk grades. Be calm and show your confidence. Doing this, both you and your interviewer will feel less stressed.    

Positive Attitude
Being positive and acting positively is very much important in any interview. The interviewer can ask you how you are fit for the job. You have to show your can-do attitude.  Even if you lack experience related to the job, admit it and show your keen interest to learn. Don’t get irritated with the questions that come in the interviews; be calm and answer those questions with a smile. Express your gratitude and give a warm smile before you leave.  

Your proper body language adds to your cover letter and resume. Keep in mind that, your aim is to make the interviewer feel that you are interested and have the attitude required for the job.  Apart from the proper body language and good resume, it is also important to dress properly for an interview. These factors can greatly enhance your chances of projecting a confident, competent, and professional image.  

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