10 Ways to Recognize Your Employees

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Recognition is an excellent tool for employee engagement because it motivates people and provides behaviour maintenance. In addition to the point, recognition simply means telling other people that they did a good job. Basically, employee recognition is a nice thing to do. Moreover, it can also be considered as a communication tool that supports, and presents good results which your employees create for your business.

When you're recognizing your employees, you're strengthening the actions and behaviour which you would want to see them repeat further. For any company, employee means everything. There will likely be a good chance that they stay for a longer period, only when they feel their efforts and contributions are appreciated. However, providing recognition to your employee which gives them a true sense of appreciation, and which makes them realize their hard work— involves an action beyond few words.

So, here are some ways you can recognize your employees.

Providing Flexibility

A workplace with flexibility is what every employee wishes to have. Although there are some positions, such as receptionists, cook, and security guards, which requires tight schedules, but other positions aren't so tied up with their strict schedule. Every employee feels motivated when they obtain flexibility in their work hours.

Although there might be less chances of giving much flexibility in some companies, but you can still enable your employees with the authority to make day-to-day decisions. This means, they can make decision about how they perform their works or how they are handling their work-related issues.

Gossip Positively

This can be another way which can make your employee feel that they're being recognized. Gossiping positively means you need to spread good news about your employees around others, especially in their absence.

Basically, you should praise your employees for their good work in front of others when they are not around, knowing this indirect praise will get back to them. Also, it's a fact that when you give an indirect recognition, it can mean a lot to your employees because it happened beyond their expectation.

Watch Your Manners

Showing off your rude and informal behaviour can really offend your employees. That's the reason why we often hear, "Being a manager means, to be extra careful about your behaviour and attitude towards your employees." Despite the fact that some things don't go as planned, you should always remember to say "Thank you" for a job well done.

This must be done to recognize their effort, and contribution to your company. Not only does this create a pleasant working environment, but it also shows your employees that you value them.

Provide Good News

You will have many employees who will put their extra hour on the weekend to complete the given work at time. Sometimes, they also stay late in the evening. Therefore, you should recognize such employees by giving them the opportunity of taking a day off. Instead of them asking for a leave, surprise them yourself first!

Warm Welcome to New Hires

Every new hires feel eager and very nervous at their first day of work when starting at a new company. They will feel very uneasy and awkward so, small gestures will immediately make them feel comfortable, valued and welcomed. Basically, you can also surprise the new hires with a welcome card signed by managers and colleagues.

Not only does this comfort them, it also increases their excitement, and will forward a strong relation starting day one.


How about doing a celebration, either on their birthdays, in company anniversaries or even in achievements? This can be a great way to recognize your employees. Buy some birthday cards, a cake and throw a small party! Celebrating on the main events will make your employees feel valued, and then you'll appreciate the improved performance and loyalty which you'll get in return.

Allow Their Collaboration

You need to think more on involving your employees’ opinion on decision making. Even being a manager, you might, sometimes, not have a clear view on what works and what doesn't in many types of situation. In fact, your employees will know it better than you do.

When you involve other employees, you increase their commitment to your company. Therefore, involve them in decisions that affect them. Doing so not only ensures that you get the best information in decision-making process, but it also shows that you respect their opinions.

Conduct Fun Programs

Your employees will have a high participation when it comes to fun programs. After a lot of office paper works and documents, everyone craves for some fun activities. Knowing this, you can conduct fun programs, such as, picnic with fun games, office decoration contest, cooking contest etc.

These types of programs can highly motivate your employees to work in your company for longer period of time, and also they come to greater understanding of one another.

Provide Development and Training Sessions

Providing employees with an opportunity to attend an internal development and training session is an excellent way to promote their engagement. Having a chance to develop skill which they lack can be a great way to give your employees their recognition.

Not only the production rate increases, but the work efficiency rate also rises up (with the work speed doubled than that of before). Hence, you can start planning on conducting such sessions.

Share Information

It's a fact that we want to know about how we're doing or what kind of environment are we dealing with. Talking about employees, they crave for information. However, there are many situations found where some managers reserves information and guards it, without sharing it with his/her employees as though the company is filled with criminals.

Instead of reserving the information, share them with your employees. Let them know about the company's current situation and what kind of things are in store for the future for the organization and for them as well. So, these are some ways to recognize your employees and make them stay in your company for a longer period of time.

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