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The coronavirus continues to spread day by day across the world. As of today, Nepal has witnessed 5,760 cases of COVID infection: while 974 people have been discharged after a full recovery, 19 fatalities have been confirmed.

After almost 3 months long nationwide lockdown implemented by the Government of Nepal (from 24th March 2020), Nepal Government has now changed the modality of the lockdown in an attempt to gradually resume economic activities. The job market is undergoing an unprecedented shakeup as the pandemic has turned out to be more than just a health crisis. Thousands of people throughout the country have also seen an impact on their jobs, whether in different work patterns, reduced payments or even losing their job entirely.

To ride out the storm, many professionals and organizations are rapidly turning to the virtual workplace, remote working, utilizing the freelance talent, and other engagements that allow them to apply their expertise under flexible conditions. While a continued job slump is almost unavoidable for the time being, it is those companies and working professionals that can quickly adapt to change may be better positioned to stay ahead of the eventful recovery.

Considering the current scenario, we at merojob have started a new job section under the Freelance category to help you cater to your job search and hiring needs during this pandemic. We are committed to providing job seekers and companies with the resources they need, now more than ever.

Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner considering hiring freelancers to meet work demands, the outlook is bright as the emerging opportunities in the job market may prove Freelancing to be a boon for both professionals and organizations.


Getting Started:

  1. Employers who want to post Freelance jobs at merojob are required to post jobs under the Freelance job category in Employment type. This will allow the potential job seeker to search and apply for the opening.

  2. Job seekers need to update their jobseeker profile under the “Job preference” category and set themselves available for Freelance. This will make the freelance job searching process easier and convenient.

Freelancing will help companies to bring down recurring employee cost, provide the advantage of flexible staffing based on their business needs during this pandemic,” said Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri, Managing Director of merojob. This is also a great opportunity for professionals who find themselves unemployed due to inevitable circumstances created by the pandemic to financially and personally motivated self to keep growing, he added.

To all our valued clients who are considering hiring a Freelance worker, we are providing an exclusive Free Freelance job posting offer until June 30, 2020. To learn more about the offer and the service details, the hiring organizations are requested to contact their concerned Client Relations Executives.

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