Falling in Love with Your Job (Again)

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You know the feeling of falling in love for the first time. Your heart somersaulted every time you met the person you loved and you seemed to have so much energy. The excitement of falling in love is wonderful, but what if you really could love your job the same way?

A new job is like a new love relationship in many ways. At first, we start out excited at the thought of a new beginning, but as the time passes, reality sets in and the buzz of newness wears off. That’s where the "maybe's" begin, "Maybe that company can pay me more, Maybe AB Company won’t make me work so hard."

Just as in love, in job it is very important that you swing back the pendulum and regain the thrill you felt while starting your job. Here’s how you can bring back the spark and fall in love with your job all over again.

Fix your pain points:

  • If you think you hate your job, consider finding the aspects of your job that you still enjoy doing. Try finding the tasks that you hate and the ones that you enjoy doing and then think about how you can focus on the good parts.  In this case, it’s worth speaking with your manager and not to be scared to speak up. At the end of the day some small changes can allow you to be more engaged in your job.

Learn something new:

  • Take control of your learning and development process by exploring new opportunities or by learning a new skill that can help you become a specialist in your role. Look for the possible ways you can access this from either formal or informal learning as it is your own responsibility to fulfil your potential.

Make sure you take your breaks:

  • Take a break! it’s an easy way to fight workplace fatigue. Go for mini-breaks, it will help recharge your mind and ultimately helps you become more productive. Breaks can restore the subjective costs related to working hard, improve work performance, and boost energy.

Seek out passionate people.

  • If you are falling out of love with your job, try changing your social circle by including more passionate people who are energetic and inspiring. As your work relationships have a profound effect on how you perceive your job, surrounding yourself with positive and energetic people can help revive your love towards the work you do.

Celebrate your achievements:

  • Finally, do not forget to remind yourself about how much you've achieved even when you have bad days. It will help you realize what kind of differences your drive and determination can make. The positive feeling that comes along will help you love your job again.

And if you have explored every avenues and still nothing seems to work, there comes a time when you need to know that it’s time to walk away. Loving your job is as emotional as it is introspective. Knowing yourself and being happy is an ongoing process of finding your long-term goals and when that aligns, you are on the path toward the job that you would love.

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