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Organized by Real Solutions Pvt Ltd on January 31, 2018, 67th HR Kurakani was held on the premise of Real Solutions, Minbhawan, New Baneshwor. Different participants from various companies participated in HR Kurakani on that day. The topic for the discussion was "Employee Wellness". The participants discussed that there are many ways and practices under Employees Wellness in various types of organizations.

Employee Wellness is the most important thing to consider at the workplace. The organization should take the employees seriously. The workplace is filled with benefits designed to fit the needs of a contemporary workforce. Several factors such as flexible working hours, wellness programs, recreational activities, etc. are some of the wellness programs practicing in Nepal. If “I” on illness at work is replaced by “WE” on wellness, then the working environment becomes healthy and beneficial.

Having Employee Welness /Happiness program in workplace boosts morale, improve the health, fitness and makes them happy to some extent.

Different HR leaders from different organizations shared their experiences regarding the employee wellness programs at their workplace. Some of the best practices programs are as follows:

Power Nap                              
Some 15 or 20 minute power nap increases the efficiency of work and productivity. It boosts the alertness, promote wakefulness and enhance learning and working ability. Some organizations have been practicing the power nap and the results are very productive.

Flexible Office Timing
Flexible office timing helps the employees to have freedom with the schedule. The employees feel privileged and are comfortable if they are studying or taking some trainings outside. This provides them much time to meet their personal needs and life responsibilities. Also, this system let them avoid the stress of commuting during rush hours and increases the feeling of personal control over schedule and work environment.

Providing Holidays on Sunday
Holidays on Sunday depends on the nature of the organization. Though the holiday on Sunday lets them enjoy their personal life and increases the commitment towards their work at the same time. The employees feel more devoted towards their work because they will have to complete all the works by Friday as Saturday and Sunday are holidays.

Employee Health Insurance
Employee health insurance is important because it shows them that the organization is not only investing in them but also in their future. A  healthy employee program at office can retain the talent and makes them secured.

Dietician session at the office
Having several dietician sessions at the  office monthly or quarterly is going to guide you through your daily behavior such as healthy eating according to your health condition. This will make you healthier because you are eating healthy and in a good amount that your body needs. The organizations are encouraging their employees to be involved in such sessions in order to have a healthy and a maintained body condition.

Meditation helps you to take control over your mind and soul. Meditation helps relaxes your mind and helps balance your work and personal life, such decision making, balancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ), increases your memory power, and others.

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